ZONITH is now launching the Bluetooth IO Module which is used for monitoring digital alarm input signals from 3rd party alarm panels and technical installations such as PIR sensors, door lock alarms, CCTV camera alarms, access control systems, temperature sensors etc. Basically, any signal with an “open/close” function can be interfaced to the IO Module.

The IO Module works together with ZONITH’s staff safety solutions and offers an opportunity to utilise the system even more at the same time as it enables business opportunities by implementing and centralising the customer’s alarm handling into one single solution.

This has proven to be a very successful way of selling our staff safety solutions. To that extent, we have launched two specific packages. One package is tailored for staff safety in Retail and Offices and the other package is tailored for Schools and Universities. Find out more here:

Retail and Offices

Schools and Universities

With ZONITH’s wireless mountable panic buttons you can be rest assured that your call for assistance will be heard without the need for costly installation works within your facilities. Our panic buttons can also work in tandem with the portable ID badges so your staff are protected at all times!

For more information about the ZONITH safety solution contact us at

Terrorist and criminal drone attacks on humans and public/corporate facilities are increasing rapidly. Therefore, ZONITH A/S and MyDefence ApS, are entering into a partnership, to offer a full solution, whereby humans and public/corporate facilities are prewarned about drone attacks.

Many places are at risk of drone attacks, carried out by entities with criminal intentions. Prisons are at risks of drones delivering drugs, weapons or mobile phones. Larger events, where many people are gathered, are at risk of being attacked by drones. Power plants, electricity and gas distribution networks are at risk of being attacked by drones. The list of threats attributed to drone attacks is long and continues to grow longer, the more sophisticated drones become.

The cooperation between ZONITH and MyDefence is focused on the detection and quick reaction to drone attacks. MyDefence delivers highly effective drone detection systems. Once a drone is detected, the alarm handling solution from ZONITH will ensure that staff on the ground are instantly notified about the attack and alerted as to where it is coming from. With this combined solution, it is possible to react instantly to any drone attack and resolve the situation effectively.

Regarding the cooperation, CEO of MyDefence Christian Steinø, says “With ZONITH we have found a partner who has built a large global distribution channel. Their channel partners are all involved in the delivery of security solutions to both public and private companies, prisons, airports and sports arenas.  The alarm handling and secure communication portfolio of products from ZONITH complements our portfolio. ZONITH have a great reputation in the market and we are very much looking forward to working with them.”

CEO of ZONITH Kristian Hartvig Stiesmark reflects upon the cooperation, “Our company is specialized in providing instant alarm handling and staff protection solutions. For years we have delivered our security solutions into prisons, public safety institutions and other customers faced with complex security risks. Our customers have been asking us to provide drone detection as part of our installations and with MyDefence we have found a partner who can deliver the technology to detect drones.”

For more information contact:

ZONITH A/S, CEO Kristian Hartvig Stiesmark,, +45 33324530,

MyDefence ApS, CEO Christian Steinø,, +45 2085 3726,


It is with great pleasure we can announce that the full ZONITH application portfolio for digital TETRA and DMR radios now also support Kenwood NEXEDGE and DMR radios. The applications supported are:

  • Indoor positioning using the build-in Bluetooth in the NX-53xx series.
  • Outdoor GPS positioning.
  • Combining the Indoor and the outdoor positioning in one single user interface.
  • Handling all sorts of fire, technical and panic alarms via the radios.
  • Providing staff safety and lone-worker protection services via the radios.

All of the above works off-course in conjunction with our Bluetooth ID Badge providing panic button and indoor positioning as well as our Android App also providing alarm handling, panic alerting and indoor & outdoor positioning.

For more information contact or call +45 33324530.

The Bluetooth ID Badge functions as a regular ID badge, whereby standard ID cards and Access Control cards can be inserted. However, the built-in wireless Bluetooth unit combined with a panic button on the back of the badge allows for discrete positioning and panic alerting. That takes staff safety to the next level.

The wireless panic button is strategically located on the back of the badge. One press triggers an alarm through the Bluetooth Receiver network. This solution is perfect for anyone working alone in volatile environments. Together with situations where visitors need to be tracked and located immediately. When an alarm is raised in a panic situation, detailed location information will be sent automatically to colleagues, security guards or other designated personnel to ensure rapid assistance.

To sum up, by combining these 3 technologies in this discreet wearable panic button, staff are safeguarded no matter where they are.

Key Features:

  • Large alarm button
  • Wireless Bluetooth low energy
  • Long lasting rechargeable battery
  • Wearable ID card holder

Read more: ZONITH Bluetooth ID Badge Brochure

Smart Tickets – The easy way to handle tasks and alarms on a MOTOTRBO radio

Usability on a radio has never been particular good. Compared to modern devices like Smartphones, Tablets and BlackBerry’s the usability of a radio falls behind.

ZONITH is now taking usability to the next level by introducing the Smart Tickets for MOTOTRBO radios. Smart Tickets is an app loaded into the Generic Option Board (GOB) of a MOTOTRBO radio. With the Smart Ticket app the radio users do no longer need to handle alarms and tasks in blindness.

MOTOTRBO SmartTicket

Read more: ZONITH Smart Tickets Brochure

Zonith recently tested and approved the Kenwood NX5000 & Tait TP9300 with our Bluetooth Based Indoor Positioning System (IPS).

This gives these radios the ability to be tracked via both Bluetooth and GPS in and around a facility in real time, without the need for a Generic Option Board (GOB). Management are given an overview of staff locations if an emergency occurs requiring mass evacuations, or a member of staff raises a personal panic alarm and requires attention.

For more information on Zonith’s IPS, click here!


We are pleased to announce the recent release of the ZONITH Combined GPS & Indoor Positioning System (GIPS). Staff members can now be tracked throughout a facility both indoors using Bluetooth, and outdoors using GPS, on the one radio device. The transition between technologies is seamless and automatic. When an alarm is raised, the position of the person in trouble (and staff around them) can be displayed on one screen for a quick response. This product pushes the boundaries of security technology, offering an all-in-one tracking solution

Download the brochure here

We are pleased to announce the release of a new version of the ZONITH Alarm Control System and Indoor Positioning System. This new release, version 2.9.2, is a free upgrade for customers with a support and software upgrade package. Release 2.9.2 is a maintenance release mainly focusing on bug fixes and minor improvements.

The changes of 2.9.2 are:

Zonith Alarm Control Systems

The Alarm Control System is the product that handles critical alarms and dispatches them to the relevant people.

  • IMPROVED: Only trigger web service location notifications on raise once per alarm.
  • IMPROVED: Ekahau MAC address data entry now supports with and without ‘:’.
  • IMPROVED: Delivery reports are turned off as default now.
  • BUG FIX: Failure in SepuraDriver to handle message reference for incoming SDS messages. For all customers using Sepura TETRA radios as dispatch media it is strongly recommended to upgrade to this release.

Alarm Listeners

Alarm listeners connect ZONITH software to a wide variety of alarm sources.

  • IMPROVED: Alarm logs are now turned on as default in all listeners.
  • IMPROVED: MotorolaFaultNBIListener: Configurable number of consecutive events allowed before raising alarm.
  • IMPROVED: Email Listener now contains a guide in configuring James to relay to external SMTP servsers as well.
  • BUG FIX: Congestion control in Listeners were not funtioning as of release 2.8.2.
  • BUG FIX: EkahauListener stopped working if Rule Label was larger than 10 chars

ZONITH Indoor Positioning

ZONITH Indoor Positioning is a Bluetooth based positioning solution integrated with ZONITH Alarm Control System.

  • BUG FIX: The jvm of the Bluetooth Positioner Collector and Server could restart due to memory leak. It is strongly recommended that all customers using Bluetooth Positioner / Indoor Positioning to upgrade to this release.
  • IMPROVED: Bluetooth Positioner Quick Start Guide document added to installation of Bluetooth Positioner Server.

ZONITH recommends that all customers to upgrade to version 2.9.2. All customers with a Support & Software Upgrade subscription can contact their local distributor or ZONITH support at for details of how to download their free upgrade. Please state your current release number (which can be found in the About page of the ACS) and include your license key when contacting ZONITH support.


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