ARC First Response


Quickest possible reaction to any alarms raised and emergency situations or technical failures.

ZONITH’s notification and first response solution are ideal for preventing dangerous situations.
Therefore, it ensures first responders or Alarm Receiving Centres will have instant information available to handle the situation.


If you feel unsafe or threatened, you can at anytime press our panic buttons (ID Badge, Panic Button, Smartphone App)
and emergency response centre or first responders will receive the alarm message immediately,
with all the necessary information needed to take action and react.




Shows detailed informations about who, where and what? Displayed clearly on side bar and highlighted in red during any incident.

Outlines the exact location of any employee working outside. When a panic alarm is raised, the location of the distress situation is highlighted on the map.



To have a better overview where the employee is located inside, building space will be divided by the key areas rooms inside the facility. When an alarm is raised you will know exactly from which room it was raised, by highlighting it in red shading. Therefore, security personnel can rush to assist you without spending valuable time how to reach you.



Shows alarm statuses on PC monitors. The monitor can be located on the wall of the office or in a security room. Provides easy, visual representation and management of alarms. Not only is the alarm type and status shown, but staff can interact with the touch screens allowing alarms to be accepted, closed and cancelled if this is desired. The Alarm Display software requires very limited training and is easy to operate.



Alarms can be shown on smartphones via the ZONITH App. Within the App, you can inspect and manage the alarms that arise. The app works on both Android and iOS smartphones. In addition to the alarm text, vibration patterns and alerting sounds can be enabled. The app also has a panic button for raising alarms whenever a distress situation occurs. A self-test button on the app ensures that the alarms are being received.



The Windows Desktop Alarm Pop-Up allows immediate mass-notification of alarms on any Windows PC. The alarm notification will pop-up on the PC screen automatically, overriding any other document or task that you worked on at the time the alarm is raised. With the Windows Alarm Pop-Up people will be notified about alarm situations and how they should react.

The purpose of this module is to notify employees of an alarm immediately and efficiently. It can be used in the case of one security guard working in a control room receiving panic alarms, or hundreds of PC’s on a University campus receiving evacuation procedures.



Tablets mounted on the walls inside a facility can display alert messages whenever emergency situations occur. This option provides an added layer of security since employees can be notified if there is indeed an emergency, even if they are not in front of their PC, or if their smartphone is not close at hand.


Your business can freely choose if ARC’s or First Responders will receive the alarms

Alarm Receiving Centre - ARC

Alarm Receiving Centre is monitored around the clock. You can rest assured that your alarms are checked continuously, and they will dispatch the right authorities to help you.


First Responders can be security guards working in your company or security provider who is responsible for monitoring your facility. Whenever an alarm is raised, they will be notified with detailed information about how to reach or help you.

Many alarms being raised are often false alarms, caused by people smoking in a restricted area or only due to faulty equipment. With this solution, first responders react without delay and can inspect the location of the alarm to determine if the fear is real or false. Upon realization of false alarms, first responders can actively acknowledge and notify the fire brigade to stand down.

By introducing this solution into your organization, high costs will be saved by reducing call-outs to the emergency services. Also, significant cost savings will be made from avoiding evacuations, and production delays etc.

Our solutions can be easily integrated and adjusted to any company size, no matter if it is a small shop or huge factory employing hundreds of people.

”No matter where you are located ZONITH staff safety solutions will safeguard you!”

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