First Response & Control Room

External monitoring from Alarm Receiving Center

The ZONITH staff safety solution provides the option of sending alarms to an external Alarm Receiving Centre. The advantage of being able to forward the alarms is that there are people available 24/7 to receive and process alarms. The external Alarm Receiving Center can dispatch local security teams or alert the authorities. The staff safety solution ensures that the on-call teams know exactly where to assist and what situation they are dealing with.

Control room

24/7 Monitoring

The ZONITH solution includes its own central alarm control platform with indoor & outdoor maps, as well as an alarm monitoring and alarm handling functionality. The ZONITH solution offer alarms, in addition to being sent to relevant co-workers, can be sent to an Alarm Receiving Centre which is staffed 24 hours a day and they will forward the alarm to the appropriate support to help you.

Response room

Quick response

The first on site may be security guards who work in your company, or the police as well as sent guards from the security company who handle your alarm messages. When an alarm is triggered, they will be notified with clear information about where you are or how they can help you.

Having your own alarm control room

With the ZONITH platform, it is possible to have your own alarm control room. Among others, it could be a guard room where they will be able to accurately see an alarm both on the indoor map and the outdoor map. This means that they will be able to actively follow a person who is in alarm state and report to the authorities where they should assist if a distress alarm button has been pressed. It is also possible to have your own alarm list where, among other things, you can acknowledge or cancel alarms.

ZONITH RTLS solution showing GPS positions
ZONITH RTLS showing real time indoor positions
ZONITH Alarm Display showing real time alarm information


Shows the real-time position and alarm status of employees who work outside.


Shows the position of the employees who work inside and presents with red flashes when an alarm occurs.


Provides easy, visual representation and management of alarms in the different colors & priorities they come in.

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