Everything you need to raise a panic alert and request immediate assistance.

If you are employed in retail, working in a shopping mall, or providing security services, you will know that the number of incidents arising from customer confrontations is increasing. With the ZONITH safety package for retail, you will be safeguarded and able to call for support discretely no matter where you are in the shop or mall.

Currently shops may have a panic alert button mounted beneath the cash register or service desk. In many cases, only a single panic button serves many employees. Employees out of range of the panic alert button often have no chance to call for assistance when an incident occurs.

Zonith Retail Panic Button

With the ZONITH Retail safety package installed, every staff member will have the option to wear a name badge with a discrete panic alerting button on the back. Furthermore, all cash and service desks can also have a wireless, fixed-mounted panic alerting button installed. Staff can now call for assistance wherever they are located in the shop. Upon calling for assistance the position of the employee will be determined and sent to those called for assistance. By combining immediate panic alerting with positioning information, assistance will be directed immediately to the exact place of the incident. The speed of the solution saves valuable time during an emergency.

Rapid assistance is key to handling any incident and safeguarding staff. The ZONITH staff safety package therefore includes automatic alarm notifications to both colleagues and security guards. Notifications are performed via apps on SmartPhones, tablets or sent to info screens mounted on walls or directly to guard radios or Emergency Control Rooms.


Aside from staff panic alerting, alarms from freezers, fridges, ventilation, doors, etc. can be handled by the solution. By mounting small, cost-effective wireless IoT (Internet of Things) sensors, it is possible to monitor everything from temperatures and humidity to movement. Alarms from technical installations can be sent directly to the shopkeepers SmartPhone or maintenance engineer, in order to react to the problem within seconds.

Fridge Temperature Controller

Many supermarkets and shopping malls spend resources finding their trolleys and organizing them. In addition a lot of trolleys are stolen or disappear each year. ZONITH’s solution can minimize the loss of trolleys by utilizing the same system that determines the position of staff in distress. Small cost-effective sensors are mounted on the trolleys and their position will be known to the staff. Via a computer screen or tablet, instant information about the location of trolleys will be known.

The solution further have the ability to raise instant alarms to staff or guards if a trolley is leaving the supermarkets or mall’s premises. The alarm notification will include information about the position of the trolley “leaving” the premises. Guards can rush to the location and ensure the trolley stay where it is intended to be used.

Shopping Mall Beacon

,,No matter where you are located or working ZONITH staff safety solution will safeguard you.”

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