ZONITH Gateway

The ZONITH Gateway is the backbone of ZONITH’s safety alarm solution and indoor positioning.

  • Can be connected to the network via LAN cable or WiFi

  • Option for 4G/LTE connection via mobile network

  • PoE or USB power supply

  • Wireless alarm monitoring of panic buttons and ID card holder

  • Indoor positioning

  • Easy installation on walls/ceilings

Download our data sheet to see all technical specifications

Alarm monitoring

The ZONITH Gateway plays a crucial role in positioning and monitoring alarms generated by various ZONITH devices. These devices include those that detect distress alarms from the ID card holder (equipped with an alarm button on the back), the compact panic button, the wireless fixed mountable panic button, or the Input Module.

Each ZONITH Gateway can connect to the building’s network either through LAN cables or wirelessly via WiFi. Alternatively, there’s a version of the ZONITH Gateway that operates with just a SIM card, establishing a direct connection to the mobile network.

The primary function of the ZONITH Gateway is to monitor alarms and relay them to ZONITH’s server. This server can be either a local Windows server or one in the “cloud.”

The server takes charge of automatically handling all alarms, ensuring that colleagues, security personnel, or a control center promptly receive the necessary information. The alarms transmitted include a detailed description of the incident, the name of the person in distress, and the precise location of the person raising the distress alarm. This system guarantees a swift and efficient response.

Installation of ZONITH Gateways is hassle-free, allowing for easy mounting in ceilings or on walls using the provided mounting bracket.


ZONITH Gateway image viewed from different angles.

Indoor positioning

The ZONITH Gateway goes beyond just monitoring alarms; it boasts the capability of indoor positioning as well. This positioning can be visualized at varying levels, ranging from the entire area to specific rooms. In the event of an alarm, colleagues receive immediate and accurate information about the precise location, enabling a swift response.

Utilizing an internet browser like Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome allows real-time tracking of individuals. When an alarm is triggered, the screen instantly displays the location of the incident, facilitating a prompt response.

Strategically placing ZONITH Gateways, for instance, at building entrances and exits, allows for tracking and recording of individuals or objects passing through. This functionality enables the system to monitor diverse scenarios, from ensuring the safety of individuals with dementia to keeping track of laptops or other expensive equipment, provided they are equipped with a ZONITH Bluetooth device.

ZONITH RTLS Display for indendørs positionering.


ZONITH Gateways are also used for indoor tracking of small wireless iBeacon devices. iBeacons are battery-powered and can be sewn into clothing, attached to valuable equipment, mounted on appliances, or simply carried by individuals.

Tracking can be employed to monitor whether, for example, individuals with dementia are leaving specific areas, if an expensive large-screen TV is removed from a meeting room, or simply to indicate whether a building is empty or if there are still people inside, such as during a fire evacuation.

Mounting of ZONITH Gateway

ZONITH Gateway mounted on wall.

Indoor on a wall

Indoor in the ceiling

Outdoor in a waterproof enclosure

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