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Henrik Krag

Zealand, Funen & International

Kristian Stiesmark

Kristian Stiesmark

Jutland, Norway & Industries

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Klaus B. Werge


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Michal Galuszka

Manager Poland department

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Andreas Frøland

Chairman of the board

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Philip Mahler

Board member

About our team

First and foremost, our team of safety experts, engineers and managers cares about staff safety around the world. We know everything about small business security and work environment safety. For many years we have been inventing devices to improve work environment. Also, we have developed a cloud based solution which works independently and also can include other types of alarms. Like fire alarms and so on. Hence, our goal is to give feeling of protection to lone-workers and c2c workers. Our automatically sent alarms significantly reduces the response time and the amount of false alarms. We have a big experience in establishing residence alarm solutions, malls security, medical institutions security and many others.

Since the number of threats constantly grows, ZONITH delivers staff safety solutions to various businesses. This obviously requires  diversification of the system architecture. Our team’s mission is to create innovative and reliable alarm devices that meet the needs of all types of customers. We accomplish this by incorporating feedback from our customers into the engineering process. As a result, our products are extremely flexible and reliable. We also focus on making sure our products are affordable and do not require expensive maintenance. Our team’s goal is to make work environment safer, employees happier and the employer assured that the number of serious work incidents would decrease.

Our expertise

Among our products there are: Bluetooth alarm receiver, Bluetooth alarm sending ID cardholder, Bluetooth mountable alarm button, wearable individual alarm buttons. Last but not least, the alarm application with the lone-worker mode. Lone-workers are protected by the automatic alarm call in case of an accident. This type of protection also works both inside and outside, offers precise positioning no matter where the lone-worker is.

ZONITH solutions are able to protect staff in municipalities, psychiatry, healthcare, education, industry, retail and many other areas. This makes ZONITH solution to be cost-effective, extendable and wireless and flexible.

Due to the network of active partners, ZONITH has a robust global market presence and a loyal base of customers. With reliable and proven products, technologies and services and a great team, ZONITH is without a doubt a global provider of staff safety solutions. Our website also provides brochures and downloads to update customers on our work.


”No matter where you are located ZONITH staff safety solutions will safeguard you!”