Municipalities and Public Organisations are often equipped with old, complicated and definitely very expensive to maintain staff safety systems.

On the other hand, suffering from daily problems such as angry and violent clients and issues is difficult. Even more difficult with the ineffective system. It is also complicated to keep staff safety on the satisfying level.

Therefore, ZONITH Staff Protection Solution will suit perfectly for such institutions.

Outfit The Entire Municipality With ZONITH Centralized Server Solution

Large institutions such as Municipalities or any other Public Organization usually spread over multiple buildings. In addition they operate on large areas during the day to day work. Therefore, our solutions offer a unique system with various devices for positioning, monitoring, raising and receiving alarms from multiple sources, that can be easily adjusted to serve multiple purposes.

Centralized security solution
  • Easy integration and ability to add multiple buildings when the need arises

  • Panic Alerting – panic buttons to wear and to mount

  • Monitoring all the alarms by using only one system for all buildings

  • New advanced and flexible safety and security functions

  • Automatic notification to colleagues and guards

  • Fast reaction to incidents

  • Cost-effective solution

  • Easy maintenance

There are two options available: Physical Server in-house, or a Dedicated Cloud Server.

Indoor Protection

  • Mountable wireless panic buttons for receptions and meeting rooms.

  • Low energy technology provides many years of battery life.

  • Indoor positioning for rapid response from your colleagues.

  • ID cardholder with a discrete panic button on the backside.
  • Alarms on smartphones, wall-panels, flashlight and sounder.

Indoor protection
Outdoor protection

Outdoor Protection

  • Wearable ID cardholder with a discreet panic button to use both in- and outdoor.

  • When working outdoor the panic button connects to the smartphone with the ZONITH app.

  • Uses your existing smartphone to transmit the alarm to call for assistance.

  • GPS position and alarm information are automatically sent to the emergency response team or colleagues.

Your Control Room Can Monitor All The Alarms

To find out more about first response and monitoring the alarms simply click here:

First Response
Alarm monitoring
ZONITH App - Smartphone Staff Safety App

Smartphone App for both Android and iOS users – safety at your hand!

ZONITH Bluetooth ID Badge - Wearable Panic Button

You can carry it everywhere, and nobody will even notice that it has a built-in panic button on the backside of it.

ZONITH Bluetooth Receiver

Receiving alarms and precise positioning information inside the buildings was never that easy!

ZONITH Compact Panic Button - Wearable Panic Button

Small wearable panic button with long-lasting battery and multiple ways to wear it!

ZONITH Bluetooth Panic Button - Mountable Panic Button

Small and easy to mount on walls or under the desks in any desired areas!


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