The flow of Ukrainian citizens fleeing the horrors of war takes on quite unexpected proportions. The situation requires measures to ensure staff protection at the refugee centers and other accommodation facilities. As a large proportion of these centers are only temporary, these measures often do not seem necessary for these  institutions.

High pressure is put on the municipalities to ensure the physical framework. That includes things like modern alarm systems, video surveillance, fire alarms and similar equipment. In this context the security of the staff who have to deal with the newcomers might seem excessive.

1. Staff protection staff in vulnerable situations

When refugees arrive in Denmark, they are often suffering from different kinds of trauma. This is due to a number of factors. Getting to a far away country they do not know, completely without possessions and perhaps on their own under tumultuous conditions is incredibly stressful. And if they have even left large parts of their family in the war-torn area, this only further contributes to the trauma.

As the flow of newcomers is so strong, it is not possible for the authorities to investigate whether the individual may already be suffering from a mental illness. Sometimes they have other traumas. These might result in the inappropriate reaction to the staff. This creates a risk of extroverted behavior.

For the reasons mentioned above – and many others – it is therefore important to take staff protection measures so that the specialists will concentrate on help and guiding the refugees, accommodating them around the country’s municipalities. The municipalities should take into account the staff safety measures regarding all the employees in their overall safety analysis for the accommodation venues.

The same precautions are very helpful for the staff at the accommodation centres, as for municipal employees at job centers and etc. This way, the risk of unfortunate incidents can decrease. The employees will be able to feel safe while performing their work.

2. Cloud is the key to a fast rollout

Security measures do not have to be expensive or complicated. A good example of an ideal solution for staff protection in temporary facilities is ZONITH’s 2SafeYOU cloud service ( specifically targeted at employees in the public sector. The mobile solution includes an ID card holder with panic button paired with a smartphone, requires no hardware on site and is 100% cloud-based. At the same time, it is a discreet way for panic alert.

A cloud-based solution like 2safeYOU has the further advantage that it works both indoors and outdoors, no matter where the employees are. The positioning helps to ensure that an employee in need can get immediate help from colleagues or the control center. The 2SafeYOU solution delivers high flexibility and low cost – and very fast installation, which is ideal for temporary facilities.