The Danish risk advisors annual conference takes place in the Nyborg Strand Hotel. ZONITH is a part of the exhibition. More and more organisations want to use the benefits of a modern cloud security technology. ZONITH arrived to present the very best cloud based security services. Particularly this time to conference ZONITH delivered ID cardholder, BT Receiver and Mountable panic button.

Danish risk advisors is an association of specialists who take under consideration the possible dangers and safety problems. They study work environment, insurance and other kinds of risk in order to secure the staff and prevent possible injuries. Also the Danish risk advisors annual conference is an exchange of opinions and seminars regarding the safety questions.

At this time, the topics of this year were:

Security through urban planning

Security, safety, risk and surveillance

Middle Eastern insecurity in a society of security addicts

and many others.

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Through a network of active partners, ZONITH has a robust global market presence and a loyal installed base of customers. Therefore, ZONITH has a reliable and proven products, technologies and services. Thanks to the great team, ZONITH is well-positioned as a global provider of staff safety solutions. Taking part in the conferences like Danish risk advisors annual conferences makes sure ZONITH is up to date and therefore provides the most relevant technologies.