Staff safety indoors and outdoors

Do you feel safe during the work day?


Is your workday safe enough? Do you need to worry about dangerous situations, assaulting clients, or accidents? Do you care about your staff safety? ZONITH’s staff protection solution provides peace of mind for the employee. It works in any environment, indoors and outdoors. Also, it provides accurate positioning information to the rescuers. Should anything happen, you will get help! Keep reading to find out how we can help.


Outdoor protection

First and foremost, if you work outside the buildings, being with clients, on duty, doing maintenance or installation, you might face the risk of a work related accident. In that case it’s important that you can request immediate assistance.

Panic alarms can be raised from the smartphone. Also from the SAME Bluetooth ID-Cardholder as you use indoors. Naturally, when outdoors, the ID-Cardholder communicates with the smartphone. Should an alarm be raised the ZONITH smartphone app will locate the user while outside buildings via GPS positioning. Therefore, the rescuers will be notified and know exactly where to assist.


outdoor indoor security buttons

Indoor protection

When working inside the ZONITH Bluetooth Receivers monitor alarms from all the panic buttons. We locate Bluetooth Receivers around the building and connect to the LAN or WiFi.

The Bluetooth Receivers monitor the location of the buttons as well. Therefore, when an alarm is raised, the first responders will know exactly where to rush to.

Obviously, the ZONITH Solution provides many ways of notifying about the alarm. Alarm Display, Mass Notification Pop-Up, smartphones, tablets, etc.


Security product

Lone-Worker protection

The ZONITH smartphone app also provides safety for you if you are working alone. When you work alone, the solution periodically checks if you are in a good state. The app sends you regular “Are you OK?” messages. In case you get injured and can not call for assistance, therefore you do not acknowledge the message, it calls for help on your behalf.

And off-course it works both inside and outside buildings.


lone worker safety alarm

Who reacts to the alarm


When an alarm is raised the alarm ZONITH solution will instantly notify your colleagues, also your inhouse guards or the emergency control room, even if you do not or can not reply.

The flexibility and the “pass to the next guard” feature of the solution ensures that there will always be someone who reacts to alarms. As they receive the information about your location they can quickly come to assist you.


Alarm center

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