Staff Safety Indoors and Outdoors


Everything you need to raise a panic alert and request immediate assistance.

ZONITH’s staff safety solution is designed for working environments where your staff and visitors need to be located immediately. Furthermore, it helps both staff and visitors whenever exposed to threats or in need of assistance. By establishing a small wireless Bluetooth network inside the buildings, alarms can be raised anywhere onsite, at any time. This real-time alarm and position information will be sent immediately to your colleagues, security personnel or emergency control room. Therefore, they will make sure all your employees are safe in the workplace.

Solutions Explainer

Raising discreet and immediate panic alarms are crucial to safety. The ZONITH ID Badge accepts a regular ID card inserted on the front, as other ID cardholders do. On the backside of the ZONITH ID Badge, a panic button is located that can be pushed discretely. Discretion prevents escalating distressed situations further, so you can focus on deescalating the case while help is already on the way. The ID Badge will also send the exact position of your personnel in distress, to those responding to the emergency, to save reaction time.


Mounted panic buttons can be installed in individual rooms, using the same wireless safety network as the ID Badge. What is more, panic alarms can also be raised from your smartphone application.

If you are working outside, visiting clients, or travelling to or from work. ZONITH’s solution provides security at all times whenever feeling unsafe. When leaving the building, the ID Badge will connect to your SmartPhone application for panic alarms using GPS positioning. Outdoor panic alarms, with precise position information, will be sent to colleagues, security personnel or emergency control room via the mobile network.

ZONITH ID Badge and Smartphone App

”No matter where you are located ZONITH staff safety solutions will safeguard you!”

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