Any psychiatric ward is in need of a reliable and quick protection solution of their staff to protect against potentially violent patients.

Indoor positioning of staff to ensure rapid response in case of emergencies.

Wearable wireless and discreet panic alerting devices.

Fixed mounted wireless panic buttons for dedicated rooms.

ZONITH solutions are built to increase staff safety and alert others to a distress situation, as soon as it arises.

Emergency buttons can be activated by handheld devices and colleagues are quickly alerted.

Monitoring staff locations both inside and outside decreases the response time in case a distress situation should occur.

Wall-Mounted Display

An added layer of security since employees can be notified if there is an emergency, even if they are not in front of their PC or their smartphone is not close at hand.

Fire Alarm Notifications

Audible alarm indications

ZONITH Selt-Test Station Wall-Mounted Tablet

ZONITH Self-Test Station

Performing Self-test makes sure that the alarm and positioning system works correctly before you start working!

Self-test ensures you are protected no matter what will happen!

Self-test is performed from a tablet or screen.

Feeling secure – mentally a huge benefit for the employees

ZONITH integrates the existing systems into one platform.

Your current installations can be easily integrated into one advanced and intuitive system which is easy to operate.

Alarm Control System
Real Time Location System
ZONITH Staff Safety App

Smartphone App for both Android and iOS users – safety at your hand!

ZONITH Bluetooth ID Badge

You can carry it everywhere, and nobody will even notice that it has a built-in panic button on the backside of it.

ZONITH Bluetooth Receiver

Receiving alarms and precise positioning information inside the buildings was never that easy!

ZONITH Bluetooth ID Badge - Wearable Panic Button

Small wearable panic button with long-lasting battery and multiple ways to wear it!

ZONITH Bluetooth Panic Button

Small and easy to mount on walls or under the desks in any desired areas!


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