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Customers Stories

ZONITH Briarwood-Special-Needs-School

Briarwood Special Needs School

ZONITH Employment-Centre-Copenhagen

Staff Safety At Copenhagen Jobcentre

ZONITH Saxenhoj-Psychiatry-Customer-Story

Saxenhoj Psychiatric Hospital Staff Safety


DR Byen Fire Alerting

ZONITH Customer-Story-Korsvinger-Prison

Norway Prison Alarm Handling


Campus Vejle

ZONITH-Customer Story Greve Kommune

Greve Municipality



ZONITH Staff Safety Solution

ZONITH-Staff-Protection-in-Public-Organisations Brochure

ZONITH Staff Protection in Public Organisations


ZONITH Lone-Worker Protection

ZONITH Alarm Control System

ZONITH Alarm Control System (ACS)

ZONITH Real time location system

ZONITH Real Time Location System (RTLS)


ZONITH Alarm Display

ZONITH Bluetooth ID-Badge

ZONITH Bluetooth ID Badge Brochure


ZONITH Bluetooth Panic Alerting & Positioning Solution

Datasheets & Guides

ZONITH Bluetooth LE ID Badge Datasheet

ZONITH Bluetooth Panic Button Datasheet

ZONITH Bluetooth Receiver Datasheet

ZONITH Bluetooth IO Module Datasheet

ZONITH Dedicated Cloud Server Datasheet

ZONITH Server Requirement Specification

ZONITH App Installation Guide

ZONITH Alarm Listener Overview

ZONITH Wall Drilling Guide

Legal Documents & Miscellaneous

How to find ZONITH in Copenhagen, DK

ZONITH Terms of Sales and Delivery

ZONITH Software License Agreement

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