For a variety of reasons more and more people work alone, often at risk of injury or physical confrontation.

First of all, let’s imagine that when you work alone, you get injured and you are prevented from calling for the assistance! ZONITH’s lone-worker App automatically calls for assistance, whenever you are not able to do so yourself. The service checks periodically if you are OK and if you do not acknowledge, it calls for assistance on your behalf.

All you need is a Smartphone with the ZONITH’s app installed. The Smartphone will periodically send alerts to ask you if you are OK. If you are OK, simply press the acknowledge button. When you are unable to acknowledge, just wait and the lone-worker service will automatically call for assistance.

In many working environments, it may be impossible to acknowledge the alert from the SmartPhone screen itself. By connecting ZONITH’s ID Badge to the Smartphone it is now easier to acknowledge Lone Worker alerts with a double click of the ID Badge instead!

Lone-Worker Protection Explainer

We know that in many working environments, it’s impossible to use a Smartphone and to acknowledge from the screen. We have therefore made a much better solution. Our ID card holder has a physical push button on the back. The button just needs a double-click as a response for you being OK. The ID card holder communicates wirelessly with your Smartphone and makes it easy to acknowledge.

Wireless Bluetooth Graphic

If you can’t wait for the lone-worker function to ask if you are OK, but want to call for assistance here and now, simply press the ID badge button for 2 seconds and a call for assistance will be sent.

To ensure assistance finds you as quickly as possible, ZONITH’s SmartPhone App sends precise GPS information if you are outside and the exact indoor position if you are working inside. This gives first responders a precise description of where you are. Indoor positioning requires that your employer has installed ZONITH’s indoor positioning system.


Your business can freely choose whether it is colleagues, security personnel, or an external security company that receive the alarms.

”No matter where you are located ZONITH staff safety solutions will safeguard you!”

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