ID-cardholder panic alarm

With discreet button on the backside

  • Large Discreet Panic Buton

  • Wireless Connection

  • Long Lasting Rechargeable Battery

  • Wearable Bluetooth ID-cardholder

Download our datasheet to see all technical specifications

ID-Cardholder with distress button

Discreet Panic Alerting and Positioning

  • Large but Discreet Panic Button

  • Wireless Connection

  • Long Lasting Rechargeable Battery

  • Wearable Bluetooth ID-Cardholder

Download our datasheet to see all technical specifications

id cardholder


The panic button

The panic button is strategically located on the back of the badge and hidden for other people than a person wearing it. So that, whenever you raise a panic alert nobody will notice it. Therefore, the ID-cardholder is a discreet and reliable mean of protection.

The panic button has two functions. One long press triggers the panic alarm. Double-click can trigger a call for assistance, or confirm “Are you OK?” messages from the systems lone-worker protection function. The discreteness helps cardholder to avoid escalating the dangerous situation.

Looks like an ordinary ID-cardholder

The ZONITH ID-cardholder functions as a regular cardholder, whereby standard ID cards and Access Control cards can be inserted. However, the built-in wireless Bluetooth unit combined with a panic button on the back of the cardholder allows discreet panic alerting and positioning.

That takes staff safety to the next level as alarms can be raised discretely anywhere without any other devices than the cardholder.

Indoor positioning

To have precise location information inside buildings when you are in a distress situation is key to get fast assistance. To do the indoor positioning our gateways must be mounted on walls or ceilings in the buildings. They will monitor your position, so that whenever you call for help, those who should assist you will get to know your exact location.

ZONITH Gateways, can do both Zone or Room level positioning depending on the need and your risk analysis.

As with any other ZONITH staff safety device the Bluetooth Receivers are discrete. They will look like any other white technical box in the office.

bluetooth id cardholder and receiver

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