ZONITH Bluetooth ID Badge

ZONITH Bluetooth ID Badge

The Bluetooth ID Badge functions as a regular cardholder, whereby standard ID cards
and Access Control cards can be inserted. However, the built-in wireless Bluetooth unit combined
with a panic button on the back of the badge allows discrete panic alerting and positioning.
That takes staff safety to the next level as alarms can be raised discretely anywhere without
any other devices than the cardholder.

ZONITH Bluetooth ID Badge

The panic button is strategically located on the back of the badge and hidden for other people than a person wearing it. So, whenever you raise a pnic alert nobody will even notice it. The panic button has two functions. First of all, one long press triggers the panic alarm, and  what is more, double-click can trigger a call for assistance, or confirm L-W “Are you OK? message.

Inside and outside protection

ZONITH Bluetooth ID Badge, works INSIDE and OUTSIDE


ZONITH ID Badge and Smartphone App

For outdoor positioning, your cardholder will automatically connect with your Smartphone, through the ZONITH App. When outside the Smartphones GPS position is transmitted whenever you raise the panic alarm.

The App is available for both iOS and Android Smartphones.


ZONITH Bluetooth ID Badge and Bluetooth Receiver

To have precise location information inside the building you will need to mount our Bluetooth Receivers, which can be mounted on walls or ceilings. They just need to be connected to the network of the building to function and they will start monitoring your position, so whenever you call for help security guards will know your exact location.

ZONITH Bluetooth ID Badge

Key Features:

Pressing Panic Button

Large alarm button


Wireless connection low energy


Long lasting rechargeable battery

Zonith Bluetooth ID Badge Cardholer Icons

Wearable ID cardholder

”No matter where you are located ZONITH staff safety solutions will safeguard you!”

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