ZONITH is an independent manufacturer of software and hardware solutions, designed to protect personnel
and security staff in the workplace. Moreover, we specialize in personal panic alarming and Lone-Worker protection
using wireless-based indoor positioning and GPS based outdoor positioning.


Staff Safety Indoors and Outdoors

No matter if you work inside or outside, our solution can ensure the quickest possible access to assistance. Furthermore, it helps both staff and visitors when exposed to threats or in need of assistance. In conclusion, thanks to this solution, you and your employees are safe all the time.

ZONITH Indoor & Outdoor Positioning

For a variety of reasons, more and more people work alone, often at risk of injury or physical confrontation. Our flagship products, lone-worker Smartphone App and ID cardholder automatically call for assistance, whenever you are not able to do it yourself. Companies can freely choose whether it is colleagues, security personnel, or an external security company that receive the alarms.

Retail and Shopping Mall Icon

With our safety package for retail, you will be safeguarded and also being able to call discretely for support no matter where you are in the shop or mall. The speed of the solution saves valuable time during an emergency. What is more, it ensures that everyone is safe.

First response to fire alarms

This ensures instant notification to the first responders with explicit text messages regarding the fire or any technical problem. As a result of the fire, the fire crew will know exactly where to rush, without spending valuable time checking the whole facility. In brief, valuable addition in terms of safety and security.


ZONITH Bluetooth ID Badge

You can carry it everywhere, and nobody will even notice that it has a built-in panic button on the backside of it. When the panic button on the back of the cardholder is pressed, security personnel is immediately notified and dispatched to your exact location!


Small and easy to mount on walls or under the desks in any desired areas! A wireless device with impressive battery lifetime!


Smartphone App for both Android and iOS users, safety at hand reach! Provides outdoor GPS positioning whenever you work outside. Connectable with our ID Badge to raise alarms without being noticed.

ZONITH Bluetooth Receiver

Receiving alarms and precise positioning information inside the buildings was never that easy! You just need to mount our receiver on wall or ceilings and connect them to your LAN network, and that’s it. It is also possible to install it outside in dedicated areas like parking lots or patios to improve safety in facility surroundings.


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”No matter where you are located ZONITH staff safety solutions will safeguard you!”

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