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ZONITH is an independent manufacturer of software and hardware solutions designed to protect personnel and security staff in the workplace. What is more, we specialize in personal panic alarming and Lone-Worker protection using Bluetooth based indoor positioning and GPS outdoor positioning.

Our solutions’ flexibility makes it a perfect match for Municipalities and Public Organisations, Psychiatry, Retail, Production and Service, Education Sector, Healthcare, Hospitality, and many more.

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“We have installed the ZONITH solution to be able to raise alarms and send out notifications in crisis situations. The system can send alarm message directly to info screens, PCs and our emergency radio stations and notify many people at the same time”
Ole Kempf, Security Officer, Campus Vejle

“It was key to our staff to get a new, reliable panic alerting system with large coverage and positioning capabilities. By selecting the system from ZONITH’s we have a solution that can do it all”

Carsten Andersen, Chief Technician, Saxenhoj Psychiatry

“Our previous alerting system was no longer fit for purpose – we needed a system that allowed us to respond quickly and efficiently to dynamic classroom situations across large sites. The combination of handsets and Zonith alerts has enabled staff to ask for help and communicate with others across the school to ensure safety and wellbeing remains paramount. The “Response Team” can also provide and prioritise support by knowing exactly where the support is needed and communicating over the handsets in real-time.”

Alistair Mackintosh, Briarwood School ICT Lead

“We have been using ZONITH’s staff safety solutions for years in other jobcentres. Now we have moved into our new large jobcentre. So it was natural to install the latest version of the system to ensure all staff can request security support without the clients noticing.”

Bjarne Hansen, Facility and Security Manager, Copenhagen Jobcentre
“We selected ZONITH’s alarm and task handling solution which can be combined with smartphones and digital radios, which are needed as we work throughout the entire city of Copenhagen. Apart from voice communication, the smartphones/radios also support text messaging, Bluetooth and GPS, which makes a perfectly suited solution for us!”
Kasper Jarlkov, Managing Director, Unique Secure

“ZONITH Alarm Control System is very easy to use for all of our firemen. Receiving an alarm and acknowledging it is child’s play. It works perfectly in demanding alarm situations”

Erling Andersen, Project Manager for the Security System, DR Byen

“The staff feel assured by the idea that they can call for help without notice. The fact that they can push the same discrete alarm both inside the office and out of office whilst visiting citizens at home, has made significant improvements to our staff security.”

Niels Matthiassen, Risk Coordinator, Greve Municipality

“We are very satisfied with the ZONITH Solutions which has improved the quality of life at Jonstrupvang Bebyggelsen and created an extra daily job for some of the citizens who can now easily operate the system”

Freddy Larsen, IT and Technical Coordinator , Jonstrupvang Bebyggelsen

“By using ZONITH Centralized Alarm Server, we have been able to outfit many of the municipalities buildings with a very safe panic alerting solution for our staff. The new solution has a much lower cost and is easier to maintain than the standalone systems used before.”



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