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The positioning of the smartphone is performed by using the Real-Time Location System (RTLS)
software package. For user’s safety, the Smartphone App ensures positioning of users indoors
via Bluetooth and outdoors by GPS. When a distress situation occurs and panic alert is raised, colleagues or
security personnel will immediately know where to rush to.

You can raise panic alarms by pushing the red panic button on the touch screen.
Once the Alarm has been raised, colleagues or security personnel are immediately notified
on their smartphones or via screens in their control room.

The smartphone app can receive panic alarms from all other smartphones, the Bluetooth ID badge, Bluetooth Panic Buttons
or even from 3rd party alarm systems. Whatever happens, users can decide whether to accept, decline, or cancel the alarm
by pressing a button on the screen.


ZONITH ID Badge and Smartphone App

ZONITH ID Badge are easily connected with our smartphone app. This gives you a discreet device,
where the wireless panic button is strategically located on the back of the badge.

Panic alerts can be raised without a need of taking the phone out of your pocket,
which is a key factor in order to be safe and to be rescued quickly.


Key Features:

iOS and Android icon

Android and iOS support

GPS Positioning icon

GPS positioning


Wireless connection low energy

Pressing Panic Button

Large alarm mobile buttons on screen

Zonith Bluetooth ID Badge Cardholer Icons

Connects to ZONITH ID Badge which will then serves as a physical button

”No matter where you are located ZONITH staff safety solutions will safeguard you!”

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