ZONITH extends MOTOTRBO prison security solution with GSM vehicle tracking

For several years, a Scandinavian prison has used the ZONITH Real Time Location System for alerting and positioning their guards via their Motorola MOTOTRBO radios – both indoors and outdoors.

ZONITH has recently completed a successful trial with the prison for a seamless extension of their existing Real Time Location System, that provides enhanced coverage outside the MOTOTRBO radio range. Now the prison is able to track vehicles transporting prisoners between sites, as well as being able to receive alarms from the guards in the vehicles.

Many test drives and alarm scenarios were conducted over a 3-month period, to ensure the robustness of the extension under varying demanding conditions, whilst demonstrating the seamless integration between the radio-based existing ZONITH RTLS in the prison and the GPS/GSM based extension outside the prison.

Additionally, the ZONITH RTLS control room display was optimized to ensure that control room operators in charge of monitoring prison transports are only presented with real-time information about vehicles when they are actually transporting prisoners.

After successful completion of the trial, the new system has been rolled out, with a number of vehicle tracking and alarming extensions added to enhance the existing ZONITH RTLS alarm and positioning solution at the prison.

The ZONITH Real-Time Location System is the only system that offers seamless integration of indoor (Bluetooth) and outdoor (GPS) positioning, that also offers seamless integration with a wide range of wireless devices.

Indoor positioning can be performed on all devices supporting the “always discoverable” Bluetooth feature, such as: TETRA radios, MOTOTRBO radios, Hytera radios, Kenwood NEXEDGE radios, ZONITH Bluetooth ID Badge and Android Smartphones with the ZONITH App.

Outdoor positioning can be performed on numerous GPS wireless device, including: Handheld/vehicle mounted GSM units, TETRA radios, MOTOTRBO radios, Hytera radios and Android Smartphones with the ZONITH App.

For more concrete information about this specific case please contact Export Sales Manager Svend Lauszus,


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