ZONITH Bluetooth Panikknap

ZONITH Bluetooth Panic Button

Wireless panic button alarms intended for rooms or reception areas. In each room, you can place one or more
wireless Bluetooth panic buttons. These can be installed
under tables or on walls. The panic button is constantly monitored,
so you can see its exact position, status and battery life. Battery life is an
impressive 2-3 years. If a panic button is pressed,
an alarm will be raised immediately, indicating from which room the alarm was activated.

Tryk på panikknappen
ZONITH Modtageren indendørs på væggen

Hold the panic button and when light turns red, signal is sent to the
ZONITH BT RECEIVER. From there the alarm is immediately handled by the Alarm Receiving Center, colleagues or the inhouse security.

ZONITH Panic Buttons can be easily mounted on wall’s or under desks. Only two screws are needed.

ZONITH Panikknap

Key Features:

Pressing Panic Button

Large alarm button


Wireless connection


2-3 years of battery life

Easy mounting

Easy Mounting with only 2 screws

”No matter where you are located ZONITH staff safety solutions will safeguard you!”

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