ZONITH Staff Safety Solution Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy governs the way the ZONITH Staff Safety Solution (referred to as “The System”), which ZONITH App and 2SafeYOU App are part of, collects, uses, maintains, and discloses information collected from users (referred to as “User”) of the ZONITH Staff Safety Solution.

Personal identification information

The system only uses the data that has been entered or collected solely for the provision of your subscribed service (ZONITH Staff Safety Solution). It will never be used in any other way or disclosed to another party, unless required by law.

For us to provide the service, as the Administrator, you sign up to our Terms and Conditions.  You need to ensure your staff are aware that you are entering their information into The System and therefore they are also signing up to our terms and conditions.

Your Organisation is responsible for the maintenance and deletion of any User information that is entered for the operation of the system, in-line with your Organisation’s policies.

All Staff Safety “Alerts” and updates created by the system via Push and Email are deemed as “transactional” and necessary for the provision of the service. Therefore, no Opt-In is required by admin or users.

For clarity, will never use any organisational or personal information that may have been entered for Marketing purposes unless we have consent.

What information does The System hold/collect?

The system only holds and collects the necessary information solely for the provision of the staff safety solution for your organisation. This includes:

  • Admin or User’s Organisation, Name, optional email(s), optional mobile number(s)
  • Staff Safety Alert strategies
  • IP Addresses (for server logs for security purposes)
  • Location data to be included in alert data
  • Users Status (logged in or not)
  • Alert history
  • Lone worker sessions and history
  • We use Google Firebase Crashlytics services to collect technical information about app crashes and malfunction.

How do we use the information?

We use the information collected for authentication, authorisation and processing necessary for the performance of the staff safety solution that has been subscribed to.

Location data

The ZONITH App is a staff safety app that is used to protect you. To give exact information of your location to a rescue team we request permission to access your current location. We need also to be able to fetch your current location while the app is in the background as well due to various reasons:

  • As users of the app primarily will raise staff safety alarms via a Bluetooth connected external panic button device, the app is not in the foreground when the alarm is raised.
  • A Lone Worker alarm is generated on the server side when a user does not respond to a Lone Worker check. To be able to pinpoint the location when this happens the current location is needed as well – also if the app is not in the foreground.
  • After a staff safety alarm is raised then it is also important that the user’s location is continuously sent into the server to be able to assist the rescue team in finding the person in distress.

The location information that the app requests will be sent to the server running ZONITH server software in regular intervals, even when the app is running in the background.

The location data is kept at the server side to be able to assist the rescue team in locating you as fast as possible.

Your location data will be stored, maintained, and protected by your company or organization that has provided you with credentials to log in to the ZONITH App. This data is private to the User and their employer. All private data, including location, is not shared with any third parties.

Your Organisation may decide to forward staff safety alerts to an Alarm Response Center (ARC) and in this case your current location is shared with that ARC and the guards dispatched to rescue you.

If the location permission is denied then the user may continue to use the ZONITH App, but the location data will not be collected, even if the staff safety strategy was designed and specifically expects location capture.

You are also able to pause the location data transmission from inside the App.

Given the critical protection that location data can provide for staff safety it is highly desirable to always enable the location permission.

What information do we share?

We do not share your data with any third-party, unless required to by law.

Your data is used solely to provide the staff safety solution.

Contacting us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, the practices of The System, please contact us at:



Herstedvang 12 2th, Albertslund, 2620, Denmark

+45 3332 4530