Real Time Location System (RTLS)

By combining Bluetooth technology and standard GPS, staff can be safeguarded no matter where they are located. RTLS can be used in conjunction with Alarm Control System (ACS) to receive & dispatch personal safety alarms to response teams.

The RTLS Indoor & Outdoor Positioning System is a software application that monitors and tracks the location of employees throughout corporate facilities and compounds. Bluetooth Receivers are strategically placed throughout indoor facilities, while GPS is used to monitor outdoor areas.


RTLS Map-Display

Shows the exact location of any employee no matter he or she is outside in the field. When a panic alarm is raised, the location of the distress situation is highlighted on the map and security guards can rush to the exact location of an incident.


RTLS Floorplan

To have a better overview of where the employee is located inside, building floorplans will show the areas/rooms inside the facility where the staff is located. When an alarm is raised, assistance or the security team will know precisely from which place it was raised, by highlighting it in red shading. Therefore, security personnel can rush to assist you without spending valuable time getting to know how to reach you.

RTLS User Interface Explanation


1. List of all buildings with indoor positioning

2. Filtering of the list.

3. List of all persons being positioned and an indication of the positioning method: GPS or Bluetooth.

4. Geo-fences indicated by blue fences.

5. By clicking on the building-icon the detailed building maps are zoomed in.

6. Icons indicating persons positioned on maps via GPS.

7. Different maps can be selected. Off-line maps are also available.


Single User Interface

There is a seamless transition between GPS and Bluetooth technology when moving in and out of buildings.

Quickly Identify Staff

Each tracked device is identified by the user’s device ID or name and represented on the custom floor plan (indoors) and maps (outdoors).

Easily Identified Location Icons

Each tracked device type, like guards, service staff or vehicles, can be represented by a freely uploaded icon on the map display. The colour of the icon is dynamically updated to show the status of the device.

Historical position logging and playback

With RTLS all tracking activity, inside and outside, can be stored. The user interface provides a tool for playback of historical positioning data.

Show only when in alarm state

Some organisations will not allow continuous tracking of staff. RTLS can therefore be enabled to show the position of staff only when they have pressed the panic button or when the lone-worker alarm has been activated. All other tracking’s will not be shown.

Zoom & Track

Each tracked device can be easily located just by clicking on the device name in the overview list. RTLS will zoom into the exact location of the equipment or person. If the device is in the alarm state, it automatically moves to the top of the overview list and is highlighted in red.

Web-browser Access

Access the RTLS user interface through a web browser from any computer or mobile phone. Access is limited to authorized personnel and is password protected. This solution does not require cookies or apps to be installed, as it is based on the latest browser technology, allowing for immediate location updates.

Utilise Existing Communication Infrastructure

Most facilities have existing LAN infrastructure that can be used for connection of the Bluetooth Receivers and transmission of indoor positioning data. RTLS thereby enables more efficient use of the users LAN infrastructure and a higher ROI for their equipment.

Safety inside buildings – Indoor Positioning

Locate employees using ZONITH Bluetooth ID Badges and Smartphones with Staff Safety App. Customers are not bound to a specific brand of handheld device; they can switch or add Bluetooth devices at any time. The signals are received by strategically placed Bluetooth Receivers, which are constantly monitored by the Alarm Control System.

Safety outside of buildings – Outdoor Positioning

By combing Bluetooth and GPS technology, staff can be located from any position in or around a facility. When leaving the Bluetooth area and going outdoors, staff handsets will automatically and seamlessly switch to GPS. When paired with ZONITH’s Alarm Control System (ACS), RTLS can automatically trigger an alarm when an employee enters/exit a predetermined zone.

  • The ZONITH App will continuously position the user outside buildings via GPS.
  • Panic alarms can be raised from the SmartPhone but also from the Bluetooth ID Badge
  • When an alarm is raised the App will pass the alert to the ZONITH solution. Communication via mobile network or WLAN
  • Our solution will instantly notify colleagues or security with clear text
  • The notification contains detailed information about the person in distress as well as the exact GPS position of the person.

Personal Safety With Location Data

These solutions can be used throughout any corporate facility ensuring the safety of employees, fast emergency response, panic alerting, entrance/exit control, critical area protection and intelligent lone work solutions. When used in conjunction with Alarm Management and Lone Worker Protection, response teams are automatically notified of the location of the distressed employee on their handheld device of choice.

”No matter where you are located ZONITH staff safety solutions will safeguard you!”

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