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A security distress situation can occur when you least expect it, in a shop, at work, or when working with clients outside. A personal distress alarm system assures you that in an emergency, you and your colleagues can mobilize assistance immediately.

Install one or more fixed panic buttons in your shop or your office and provide your staff with a personal wearable wireless panic device. The wearable device has a built-in distress button to allow you to notify the emergency response team of your location. In the event of an emergency, you press the fixed or personal distress button to send an alarm signal to the emergency control room. When the alarm is received, you are located by GPS or by our indoor positioning system. Then the closest and most appropriate security assistance is dispatched to your location.


Inside your shop

While inside your shop, the fixed mounted panic button keeps you secured. Once you press the alarm button, a wireless signal is sent to the BT Receiver mounted in the shop.

Besides, you and your staff can wear a wireless panic button, discretely formed as an ID cardholder. These can be pressed and help you receive assistance no matter where you are in the shop.


Inside your office

From your reception area, interview rooms, or any other area in your office, you can send a distress alarm whenever you feel unsafe, by pressing our wireless panic button, which can be mounted under the desk or on the wall.

Also, your wearable panic button, discretely formed as an ID card holder, can be pressed and keeps you under constant protection no matter where you are inside.

Pressing a panic button will immediately notify your colleagues, security guards or an emergency control room.


Working outside

When away from the office and while being threatened, you can send a distress alarm by pressing your wearable panic button, which will be linked to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Upon signalling for assistance, your location will be sent to our emergency control room. By combining panic alerting with positioning information, assistance will be directed immediately to your exact location.


Emergency control room monitoring around the clock

The control room is monitored around the clock. Whether inside your shop or office, outside or away from home, you can rest assured that your alarm will be received by the control room staff who stand ready to assist you.

ZONITH Staff Safety Package for Retail and Offices

Personal Panic Alarm & Positioning Device

  • Wireless long life battery powered panic button to mount on walls.
  • Wearable rechargeable panic buttons formed as ID card holder.
  • Central receiver for wireless alarms. Connected to Internet.
  • Android and iPhone App’s for panic alarming and positioning.
  • Around the clock monitoring by control room’s and guard’s.

”No matter where you are located ZONITH staff safety solutions will safeguard you!”

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