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TES Limited was formed in 1991 and has unrivalled experience of turnkey solutions in the communications field. Our portfolio includes the latest communications technology including MESH networks for Mobile Broadband, Wireless Data Point to Point & Point to Multi Point Systems, Digital Radio (DMR), TETRA, MPT1327 Trunk Systems & traditional Radio (PMR).

We are a leading wireless communication specialist in the UK. Using state of the art systems, TES provides solutions and technical advice regardless of size or complexity.  As a true independent, TES is able to offer our clients a comprehensive range of solutions backed by a wealth of experience including:

  • Secure Radio Communications
  • Man-Down and Lone Worker Applications
  • Hazardous Environments
  • Mission Critical Communications
  • Emergency Systems
  • MESH Mobile Broadband
  • Wireless Broadband


Lancaster House
Bow Lane
Leyland, Lancashire
PR25 4YA

Tel.:+44 (0)1772 901901

For general enquiries, email:

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