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AGEXIMCO was established in 1991 as MOTOROLA AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR in Romania for radiocommunication equipment and solutions and also MOTOROLA AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTER.
With 26 years experience in this industry, AGEXIMCO offers a whole range of services necessary for creating wireless segments of corporate communication infrastructures for voice/data transmission for government, consumer, commercial and international markets. Technical means include conventional, analogue and digital PMR systems of DMR, TETRA standards as well as microwave transmission.
Internationally, AGEXIMCO is a American International Radio Inc. Group USA member which is the most important MOTOROLA International DISTRIBUTOR for Europe, Midle East and Africa.

25 Marasesti, 4th District,
040251 Bucuresti

Contact Persons:
Vasile Neagu
Mobile: +40 752 077 703
Phone: +40 21 336 80 27

Radu Gavril Nasui
Mobile: +40 745 124 645
Phone: +40 21 336 80 27

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