Staff Safety and Alarm Handling 24/7

Production and Service Industry

Many businesses have invested in technology that enables very efficient 24/7 operations with less amount of staff. ZONITH offers advanced solutions that give the staff a complete overview of the plant’s alarm status. Simultaneously the solution ensures quick response to any lone-worker accident. Thus, this solution brings staff safety and alarm handling to the next level.

With the ZONITH solution, your company will definetely benefit from an efficient alarm handling no matter where the staff are located. Firstly, it means quicker response to production accidents or fire alarms. Secondly, the staff will be sure that help will be on the spot very quickly should they need it.


ZONITH provide a complete solution to safeguard your staff

Let’s imagine that your staff is working alone and they get injured and are incapable of calling for help! Obviously, in that situation, it is crucial to get assistance as quickly as possible.

ZONITH’s Lone-Worker protection solution automatically calls for help whenever an employee is unable to do so. The solution periodically checks if the employee is OK by sending messages to their smartphone. If there is no reply, it calls for help on behalf of the employee. A physical wireless button connected to the smartphone gives employees an easier way to confirm they are OK.

The solution works both inside as well as outside the buildings. A precise indoor positioning system will guide the assistance to the employee in danger precise location. When working outside it uses GPS positioning for it.

The system also provides an easy way to call for assistance just by pressing a button.

Fire Alarms And Technical Alarm Monitoring


Whenever fire arises, the reaction time is vital, clearly any further escalation may lead to the tremendous losses.

ZONITH ensures that within seconds of the alarm being raised:

  • Detailed fire alarm information (room, sensor, and type), will reach the control room or first responders.
  • First responders can acknowledge the alarm via smartphone.
  • Saves time and money by avoiding the emergency response from the fire brigade for false alarms.

There are maintenance engineers, night-shift, first responders and those who must constantly monitor whats going on in the production. For them the solution can also show alarms from the other technical installations such as:

Cooling Systems

Server Rooms

Process Control

Water Pipes

Emergency Power Generators

CCTV Camera Alarms

Access Control System

Temperature Controls


In case of critical events, like fire alarms instant notification goes to all the employees or a selected groups of employees. This will ensure everybody receives the information about what happened along with further instructions.

The mass notification is carried out through a window popping-up automatically on every work PCs. The notifications show the details, for example: “Fire alarm, go to assembly area” etc.

Mass Notification


Works Worldwide

The solutions protect your staff no matter where in the world they are located. They should just bring their smartphone and also the physical button on their journey to be able to raise alarms.

The ZONITH solution is used by companies in more than 50 countries around the globe. That is a visible proof of how reliable it is.