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Lone-Worker Protection

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Staff Safety App &  ZONITH BT ID Badge

How you confirm are you ok messages - Meaning everything is ok

Whenever you activate Lone-Worker mode in our Staff Safety App, an adjustable timer starts counting down. Near timeout, our central server sends “Are you OK?” messages, which you can confirm by clicking the OK button on the smartphone.

If there is no response from you to the “Are you OK?” message, something might have happened to you. The alarm is then instantly sent to the ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) or your colleagues, and assistance is immediately on the way to assist you!

You can connect your smartphone with our Bluetooth ID Badge. Using the badge gives you an extra level of
safety. You can use it to raise a panic alarm or to confirm “Are you OK?” messages discreetly without being noticed. Your Smartphone can stay in your pocket, without making people around you suspicious or to prevent escalation of the situation.

Outdoor and Indoor Positioning

The lone-worker is positioned outside via the smartphone’s GPS. The Smartphone can also be positioned via Bluetooth inside facilities or buildings. For indoor positioning, small Receivers must be mounted on the walls or ceiling. Upon an alarm from you, the control room can look at your position and make sure the assistance team quickly finds you.

ZONITH Bluetooth Receiver mounted on the wall
Guidelines for first responder - ZONITH L-W App

Guidelines For First Responders

Descriptive messages can be added before you start your new lone-worker task. Notifying first responders about obstacles will speed up reaction time and can be crucial to find/reach you.

Work In Teams And/Or Rely On Alarm Response Centre

ZONITH App Team Funkction - How to add a team member

Creating teams improves communication and cooperation. People working in teams can send messages to the team members, which can enhance the effective workflow and can guide/inform each other. Team members can also respond to alarms, it will save time, and you can avoid extra time and costs for calling additional assistance.

The control room is monitored around the clock. No matter where you are located on your lone-worker duty. You can rest assured that your alarm will be received by the control room who stand ready to assist you.