ZONITH Corridor Display Datasheet

The corridor displays are the devices that can be mounted under the ceiling in the psychiatry or hospitals or jobcenters. The idea is that not all people run around with a smartphone and they can just look out in the corridor to see what’s going on when alarm is raised. Besides the display can produce an audible alarm. So that people can look around and see what is going on and what to do. The huge benefit of the ZONITH solution is that its based on the Android tablet. This gives certain freedom of giving it special colors, different text sizes, different styles. And this is one thing which not all our competitors can provide. Most of the competitors offer one text line displays.



ZONITH corridor displays work both: double sided and single sided. We provide them with the mounting device so they can be easily mounted because they need to connect with the LAN connection. If there is no message or alarm going on, the displays can show the time and date. As soon as the alarm raises they change color and start showing the information. It is a very effective way of informing people who don’t have smartphones about the situation.
Apart from the fire alarm, the corridor display can lead the guards to the room where the assistance is needed. So there the display connects to the same network as the other devices so the same signal can appear on every display around the building.
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