ZONITH Compact Panic Button Datasheet

The ZONITH compact panic button is a small device a size of a coin and it can be worn in different ways. Therefore it can be attached to the belt or it can be put in the pocket and it can be mounted on the wrist band. We do not provide the wristbands but we do provide the device. Its widely used in the organizations as a lightweight panic button. Its battery powered. The battery has to be changed from time to time. It can be used as an indoor protection and the indoor positioning.

It has two functions – double click and long press, which can be freely configured. Besides, long press could be Help right now, and double click could be Assistance needed but it’s not very urgent. Generally it works indoor but it can also work outdoor. If an employee is outdoor the button can connect to the employee’s smartphone with the installed ZONITH app. Without a doubt, such solution gives a huge benefit to the psychiatry workers who do home visits to the elderly and so on. It is a physical button which can be pressed in order to raise alarm very quickly.



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