ZONITH Bluetooth Panic Button Datasheet

First and foremost ZONITH bluetooth mountable panic button is the device which is normally attached to the wall or under the table in for example the conference room in the psychiatry or a job center. It can fulfill many functions in the municipalities and companies which have contact with potentially unstable people.

Alternatively it might be mounted under the table so the employee can easily press the button. It has several options which are adjustable. For example a long press can raise panic alarm, help must arrive as soon as possible. Or it can be two clicks to call for assistance. Then the guard would just need to come and  knock the door.

Besides, for those companies which do not want to mount the bluetooth panic buttons on the walls we have a small plastic holder which we can mount instead of the button. This way we allow a little movement within the transmitting range. So, for example, in case of an interview an interviewer can grab the panic button from the holder and sit where they want to having it in the pocket.

False alarms

Pressing the button in this situation would be just super easy and fast. When they leave the room they will just have to put the panic button right to the holder. The bluetooth panic button is discreet, it deliberately looks not as a typical panic button because usually you don’t want people to raise false alarms. Therefore its white and it not very alluring for those who would like to cause chaos by pressing it.

Since its white and discreet so it can hang on the wall without getting unnecessary attention from a potential law breaker. It is battery powered and has about 2 to 3 years of battery time. Obviously the app informs the users on when battery level is low and its time to change. The batteries are usual batteries sold everywhere, they are cheap and easy to change on your own.



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