Project Description

ZONITH Bluetooth Panic Alerting & Positioning Solution

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Indoor Protection

Staff and visitors wear Bluetooth ID Badges or Compact Panic Buttons.

Their position will be monitored by the Bluetooth Receiver.

Panic alarms from ID Badges or fixed wireless panic buttons

will also be monitored by the Bluetooth Receiver.

The ZONITH Solution notify about the incident on the Alarm Display,

Mass Notification Pop-Up, smartphones and mountable tablets.

Outdoor Protection

The ZONITH smartphone app will continuously position the user outside buildings via GPS Outdoor positioning.

Panic alarms can be raised from the smartphone but also from the SAME Bluetooth ID Badge/Compact Panic Button as used inside. The ID Badge/Compact Panic Button now communicates with the smartphone.

When an alarm is raised the App will pass the alarm on to the ZONITH solution. Communication via mobile network or WLAN.

The ZONITH solution will instantly notify colleagues or emergency response team in cleartext.

The notification contain detailed information about the person in distress as well as the GPS position of the person.

Quickest possible reaction to any alarms raised and emergency situations or technical failures.

If you feel unsafe or threatened, you can at anytime press our panic buttons (ID Badge, Panic Button, Compact Panic Button, Smartphone App).

Emergency response centre or first responders will receive the alarm message immediately, with all the necessary information needed to take action and react.

Alarms On Wall-Mounted Screens

Smartphone App Alarm Screen

Desktop Alarm Pop-Up

Inside The Control Room


Outlines the exact location of any employee working outside.


Outlines the location of employees working inside.


Provides easy, visual representation and management of alarms.

Your business can freely choose if Emergency Response Team or First Responders will receive the alarms

Emergency Response Team monitors around the clock.

You can rest assured that your alarms are checked continuously, and they will dispatch the right authorities to help you.

First Responders can be security guards working in your company or security provider who is responsible for monitoring your facility.

Whenever an alarm is raised, they will be notified with detailed information about how to reach or help you.