ZONITH Bluetooth ID Cardholder Brochure

Everyone Can Experience A Safe Working Environment With ZONITH’s Bluetooth ID Cardholder

  • Bluetooth ID Cardholder has a discreet panic alarm button on the back .

  • Indoor positioning makes sure so your colleagues will know exactly where you are, if an emergency arises.

  • If you go outside, it connects directly with your smartphone and uses GPS positioning.

  • If an alarm is triggered, colleagues or guards get an immediate automated notification, hence, can react fast and effectively.

Safety At Work, Both Inside And Out!

ZONITH’s Bluetooth ID Badge secures employees and visitors with discreet panic alerting and positioning. ZONITH’s ID cardholder works as a regular ID cardholder but has built-in wireless security features.

Safety For Working Indoors

ZONITH’s Bluetooth Receivers ensure security inside. The receivers only connect to the common computer network and will both receive panic alarms and the information on the ID cardholder(s) position.

Bluetooth ID cardholder

Safety For Working Outdoors

The ID cardholder also provides security when working outside. The physical alarm button on the ID cardholder connects automatically to smartphone when it is detected outside.

  • GPS positioning works in conjunction with a smartphone.

  • The GPS position can either show up as one address or as a simple recognizable name, eg. “Parking lot”.

  • The smartphone app also has an alarm button on the screen for situations where an ID cardholder is not available.

  • The smartphone redirects alarms to the ZONITH system, which informs colleagues, guards, or other relevant personnel.