Staff Safety in Slagelse

The Great Hall of the Viking Castle, Trelleborg

Slagelse Municipality with approx. 80,000 inhabitants is located on the west coast of the island of Zealand.  Since the Viking Ages Slagelse was a center of Denmark. The great Viking Castle, Trelleborg, right outside of Slagelse still shows the importance of the area today.

Slagelse Municipality was facing an increasing number of work-related threats towards its employees. Therefore, municipality decided to install a centralised server solution from ZONIT. This solution had to obviously serve the entire municipality and secure the employees effectively.

The centralised ZONITH server providing staff safety has been installed. It protects both: staff working inside the offices as well as staff working outside with the citizens. This centralised solution is providing staff safety to more than 10 different locations. Those are the jobcentre, the Town Hall, psychiatrical institutions  etc.The solution is not just a major step towards higher staff safety. In addition, it is providing significant maintenance costs savings – unlike other solutions.

MAP Slagelse

For Slagelse, a significant winning factor was the flexibility of the solution.

ZONITH solution has a very effortless integration. It is particularly easy to continuously add new institutions to the system when necessary.

Furthermore, ZONITH panic alerting devices had a significant impact on the employees. Now they are equipped with discreet and advanced products that ensure all- time protection of the employees. Their confidence concerning security – before going to work – is now intact.

ZONITH Safety Devices

The system offers a seamless transition between working indoors and outdoors. It also does not require any additional effort from the users. They can focus on their daily tasks and act only when an emergency arises.

Pressing a button on one of our panic alerting devices will immediately notify the closest personnel ready to assist. Also it provides the detailed information about the person in danger and the exact location of the incident.

If an employee working outside presses their panic button, it will immediately notify Jysk Kontrol Central. This is a 24/7 operated emergency control service. In the control room, local guards or the police are ready to assist the employee in danger.

No matter what happens, Slagelse Municipality has now a system that protects its staff in distressed situations. With ZONITH advanced system, buildings and staff can be equipped with mountable and wearable discrete panic buttons. In addition, they can use the ID Cardholder with a built-in panic button, that works both indoors and outdoors.

Key Benefits

  • One central solution monitors all staff safety alarms in the municipality.

  • Staff can discretely call for assistance in the less distressed situations before it gets serious.

  • Central server with low maintenance costs.
  • Flexibility – the system covers multiple job sectors maintained by the municipality.
  • Scalable solution – adding new buildings/locations is smooth, easy and quick.

Kasper Nygaard Petersen, Risk Coordinator at Slagelse Municipality

”It always costs a bit of money to start saving money. To reduce the negative effect of work-related distress, Slagelse Municipality selected the centralised server from ZONITH as it compared to our existing solutions introduced much higher flexibility but also reduced operational costs. The solution ensures that we can reduce sick leave days and increase job satisfaction levels.”


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