Project Description

Staff Safety at Hillerød Municipality

Hillerød Municipality

Hillerød Municipality is located to the North of Copenhagen and has approximately 50.000 inhabitants. Hillerød has been a landmark for hundreds of years and centred around the famous Royal Castle of Frederiksborg. The municipality covers an area of 213 km2 including 14 smaller villages.

Hillerød Municipality has a high degree of services for its citizens. Spread over the entire municipality, institutions are the various functions, such as psychiatry, unemployment centre, nurses for day- night- and elder-care, schools etc.

Security and staff protection is of major importance to the municipality and there is always focus on staff well-being as well as protection of the staff during their workday.

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Centralised Server Solution

Hillerød Municipality has selected ZONITH´s centralised alarm server as it can handle multiple buildings and institutions at the same time. The existing staff safety systems in the municipality were all stand-alone, many outdated and required a lot of expensive maintenance.

The ZONITH centralised alarm server handle panic alerting and positioning in multi-floor buildings with many rooms. Staff on missions outside are also secured with the ZONITH smartphone App and GPS positioning. Finally, fire alarm panels in different facilities have been integrated with the centralised alarm server.

Hillerød Municipality intent to extend the staff safety over the coming years and has until now installed the solution into the following buildings:

Hillerød Town Hall and Citizen Centre

Educational and Counseling Centre

Psychiatric Care House


6 Schools

Indoor and Outdoor Protection

The staff at the Citizen Service Centre at the Town Hall as well as in psychiatry are all using ZONITH’s ID cardholders with the discrete panic button on the back. Besides, wireless panic buttons are mounted in the reception area.

Discreet panic alarming was crucial for the staff to ensure as little escalation as possible between the staff and the citizens. If a staff member presses the panic button, the inhouse guard will immediately receive the alarm with clear information about the person in danger and the location of the incident.

Outdoor safety for schools

Staff and teachers at the municipality schools are wearing the ID cardholder and their smartphones with the ZONITH

App. Two call functions are available – assistance call and emergency alarming. The assistance call is used when

the teacher needs another staff member to assist in a situation requiring more adults. The emergency alarm is for dangerous situations requiring immediate evacuation of the school building or schoolyard.

Securing chapel staff

At funerals, people react very differently. Unfortunately, some people cannot control their frustration at a funeral, and they can become aggressive towards the chapel staff.

Therefore, the staff at the chapel has the opportunity, with the help of ZONITH’s panic buttons, to summon their colleagues who can help get the situation under control.

Key Benefits

  • Centralised alarm server minimising the software license costs as many institutions share the same.

  • Reduced operational and maintenance costs by having only one server in the Municipality.

  • Discreet panic alerting for quick assistance calling but also to avoid escalated and dangerous situations.

  • Instant alarm notification of inhouse guards and colleagues.

  • Integration with fire panels to notify about potential fires.

Klaus Haurum, Risk coordinator Hillerød Municipality

”By using ZONITH Centralized Alarm Server, we have been able to outfit many of the municipalities buildings with a very safe panic alerting solution for our staff. The new solution has a much lower cost and is easier to maintain than the standalone systems used before.”


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