Project Description

Saxenhoj Psychiatric Hospital Staff Safety

Saxenhoj Psychiatric Hospital

The Saxenhoj Psychiatric institution is located on the island of Lolland, Denmark. The institution spans multiple buildings and floors. It currently holds 300 psychiatric patients, 100 of whom live at the hospital.

Saxenhoj has been extended over the years and has a combination of old panic alarm systems throughout different buildings, a new fire alarm system from Siemens, and an old radio communication system.

Saxenhoj wanted to integrate these solutions into one platform, reducing the complexity and knowledge required to respond to emergency events. All employees at the institution required a personal, radio-based panic button, which could be also provide information as to the position of the employee both inside buildings and outside areas. Some rooms required room level positioning while others just needed positioning on the building level..

In addition to the staff panic alerting and positioning service, the new system should be able to handle patient calls from disabled patients’ rooms and be able to provide notifications about fire in the buildings..

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Panic Alarm System

ZONITH deployed a panic alarm system into Saxenhoj comprising of two different handheld devices. The first is an emergency response solution activated by a push-button alarm on a radio handset; the second acting as an ID card holder, with a discrete panic button. Once the alarm is raised the neighbouring colleagues will be notified via clear text. The alarm text will include the name of the person in distress as well as the indoor or outdoor position of the person. This allows the response team to react quickly towards a potentially life-threatening situation.

Indoor Positioning System

The indoor positioning of the staff is handled by 130 Bluetooth receiving units installed throughout the buildings. These units enable staff carrying Bluetooth enabled devices to be located when a distress situation occurs. In the room where positioning is happening, small discrete Bluetooth antennas are placed in the ceiling.

GPS outdoor positioning

There are many large outdoor areas at Saxenhoj. Once a staff member carrying a handset leaves any
of the buildings, the handset will seamlessly switch from indoor positioning to GPS tracking to position staff throughout car parks and other outdoor areas. Furthermore, GPS Geo-Fences were created to offer more specific outdoor location names when an alarm is raised.

Manage & dispatch multiple alarm sources and types

ZONITH’s alarm handling software platform is configured to monitor panic alarms from staff, fire alarms and patient call.

Key Benefits

  • Increases coverage to include every meter of the facility from hospital rooms to car park.

  • Enables a variety of alarms from various vendors to be managed and distributed on one platform.

  • Enables all alarms to be logged for post-incident reporting.

  • Offers a cost-effective option for an all-in-one solution.

  • Increases staff safety throughout entire hospital.

  • Allows alarm handling and both indoor/outdoor positioning from one wireless device.

Carsten Andersen, Chief Technician

“It was key to our staff to get a new, reliable panic alerting system with large coverage and positioning capabilities. By selecting the system from ZONITH’s we have a solution that can do it all”


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