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How to make sure your employees are safe in the workplace

How to make sure your employees are safe in the workplace?

Every employer knows that the safety and comfort of the staff are priceless. Unfortunately, there are such situations when employees are exposed to various risks and even the best work conditions may not prevent emergencies. How to prepare and minimize the risks and what solutions are available?

In this article you can read about:

  • Be ready to react to emergencies
  • Ensure the safety of lone employees with panic alerting devices
  • Adjust safety standards to your staff’s needs
  • Teamwork is crucial for safety

Be ready to react to emergencies

Being prepared and ready to act is the most important factor in keeping any situation under control. We know, however, that it is impossible to be everywhere at the same time – luckily, the latest technological solutions come to our aid. Employees who work alone are often forced to rely on themselves when something bad happens – that is, unless they have special panic alerting devices, with the help of which they can call their coworkers or security staff for help.

Ensure the safety of lone employees with panic alerting devices

Panic buttons are a great way of providing lone-worker protection. With their help, it is possible to discreetly and quickly call for help when it is needed. For increased convenience of use, there are even special smartphone applications used to send and receive information about accidents. Employees do not even need to take out their phones – they can use a special handheld device connected via Bluetooth.

Statistics show that the annual number of accidents at work in the European Union is steadily declining – also due to the dissemination of technologies that help reduce them.

The emergency response team that works for your company may control all the alarms on their screen and respond immediately in case of an emergency.

Adjust safety standards to your staff’s needs

This type of devices is especially useful in fields in which there is the greatest risk of sudden emergencies. A good example of such branch is psychiatry, where there is a risk of unforeseen behaviour of patients.

The ability to react immediately in the event of a threat to property, health or even life cannot be overestimated in caring for patients who may experience fits of rage, suicide attempts or spontaneous aggression. Thanks to the simple and discreet access to help in the form of calling for backup, we can nip potentially dangerous situations in the bud before they escalate.

It is worth emphasizing the discreet character of these devices. In some situations, raising the alarm openly can escalate the problem – for example, causing a troubled patient to feel fear, which in turn leads to aggression. The discreet nature of the panic buttons allows you to minimize the risk of escalating the threat.

Teamwork is crucial for safety

Workers may not only call for help but also receive the alarms. Whenever their colleague is in trouble, the notification is displayed on the app’s interface. Thanks to well-organized cooperation, an injured employee can expect the nearest coworker to immediately react to his message.

What is even more helpful is the possibility to utilize special ID cardholders which come equipped with panic buttons. That’s a great way to ensure further discreetness, which at times is of key importance.