First Response To Fire Alarm – DR BYEN

DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) is Denmark’s oldest and largest electronic media enterprise. DR employs 3,500 people and more than half of them work in the Copenhagen area.

In 2006 DR moved all of its scattered activities in Copenhagen to a brand new building complex called DR Byen. The center is 6 floors high and covers around 125,000m2. That is a gigantic area equal to 11 football fields.

DR Byen has a very advanced fire detection system from the Swedish company Salwico. Indeed, in the whole complex, there is a huge number of 8,000 fire sensors installed.


  • First and foremost, on duty fireman must acknowledge any fire alarm within 30 seconds. Otherwise it should be passed on to the fire brigade.

  • Integration with existing Salwico fire alarm system.

  • Providing staff with radios run over the TETRA network.

  • Costs reducing if possible.

Key Benefits

  • Short reaction time in a large area.

  • Reliability through automatic alarm handling.

  • Ease of use.

  • Costs reduction.

  • Increased staff safety.

  • Alarm notification process takes less than 30 seconds.

Erling Andersen, Project Manager for the Security System

“ZONITH Alarm Control System is very easy to use for all of our firemen. Receiving an alarm and acknowledging it is child’s play. It works perfectly in demanding alarm situations”


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