Campus Vejle

Campus Vejle – Staff Safety

Campus Vejle is a large educational campus in Denmark with over 2500 students covering multiple buildings. The Campus authorities were worried about the campus staff safety.

The security officers wanted an effective alarm notification solution should a critical situation occur at the campus. The new solution notifies staff  instantly and informs about what has happened in response to the emergency event.


  • Needed a reliable solution for notification in case of a crisis situation.

  • Needed alarm notifications sent directly to handheld devices.


  • ZONITH Solution with Bluetooth ID Cardholder for office and security staff panic alerting.

  • ZONITH installed Bluetooth Receivers throughout the buildings.

  • Integration to two fire alarm panels.

  • Automatic alarm dispatch to digital radios and info screens.

Key Benefits

  • Discreet panic alarm button on the ID Cardholders.

  • Indoor positioning of staff allow colleagues to know where you are, if an emergency arises.

  • Outdoor positioning using Smartphone and GPS positioning.

  • If an alarm is triggered, colleagues and guards are notified automatically, hence they can react fast and efficiently.

Ole Kempf, Security Officer Campus Vejle

“We have installed the ZONITH solution to be able to raise alarms and send out notifications in crisis situations. The system can send alarm message directly to info screens, PCs and our emergency radio stations and notify many people at the same time"


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