Many places are at risk of drone attacks, carried out by entities with criminal intentions. Prisons are at risks of drones delivering drugs, weapons or mobile phones. Larger events, where many people are gathered, are at risk of being attacked by drones. Power plants, electricity and gas distribution networks are at risk of being attacked by drones and VIP’s are at risk from video drones. The list of threats attributed to drone attacks is long and continues to grow longer, the more sophisticated drones become.

The ZONITH solution for detection of drones are done by highly sensitive sensors combined with the ZONITH Alarm Control System. The sensors have a range of 1000-1500 meter allowing for early detection and warning. There are two detector types:

  • Wolfpack dome detector covers 360 degrees.
  • Watchdog single 60 degrees detectors.

The sensors connects via LAN to the ZONITH Alarm Control System server. Once a drone is detected, the alarm handling solution from ZONITH will ensure that staff on the ground are instantly notified about the attack and alerted as to where it is coming from via clear text in the display of the radio. With this combined solution, it is possible to react instantly to any drone attack and resolve the situation effectively. To speed up the reaction the compass direction is translated to directional information that is quick for the receivers to relate to, like “City Center direction” instead of “South-East” or “135 degree”.

ZONITH’s Alarm Control System has support for the most common TETRA and DMR radios in the market and even Android SmartPhones are supported. Other alarm sources from the same facility, like fire alarms, can also be dispatched to the radios via the solution.

The system can detect both the flying drones and the remote control unit from an advanced analysis of the radio control signal. A continuously updated drone type database provide information about the type of drone detected and this detailed information are also passed on to the radios.

For operations in the field, UN aid convoys and protection of VIP’s the handheld Wingman drone detection unit can be supplied.

Wolfpack – 360 Degree Dome Detector

  • Wolfpack provide 360 degree drone detection from one singe installation.
  • Wolfpack is especially suited for a fast deployment.
  • Prepared for antenna mast mounting.
  • Watchdog is a networked multi-zone drone detector capable of providing direction and type information to the security guard on ground.
  • Range 1000-1500 meter in a 6×60 degree drone detection angles.

Watchdog – 60 Degree Wall Detector

  • 60 degree sensor
  • Watchdog is created to be used by prisons, museums, airports and other critical infrastructures and facilities.
  • Designed for easy installation on walls and require only LAN connection.
  • Watchdog is a networked single-zone drone detector capable of providing direction and type information to the security guard on ground.
  • Range 1000-1500 meter in a 60 degree drone detection angle.
Watchman Drone Sensor

Wingman – Handheld Drone Detection

  • Wingman is created to be used by special forces, security guards, Aid convoys or VIP protection
  • It is designed in conjunction with the European and American intelligence community.
  • Wingman is worn on your body, and provides a vibrating or acoustic alert when a drone is detected, which typically occurs within 800-1200 meter in congested areas.
  • Provides time to react and either to hide or alert other entities of the current situation and or threat.
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