ACS - Alarm Control System

Intelligent alarm management and notification system allowing third party integration.

Panic Alerting Solution

Panic buttons provide a quick and convenient way to summon help in a dangerous situation.

RTLS – Indoor & Outdoor Positioning

Indoor & outdoor positioning solution to track employees using GPS & Bluetooth technology.

IPS – Indoor Positioning System

Indoor positioning solution that tracks and locates employees using Bluetooth technology.

MDN – Man Down Notifier

Continuous lone worker monitoring that utilizes the accelerometer in the MOTOTRBO radio.

CLW - Centralised Lone Worker

Periodic lone worker monitoring compatible with multiple mobile devices.

RBX +Plus™ – Radio Branch Exchange

MOTOTRBO radio to telephony integration compatible in multiple configurations.

R2R – Radio to Radio Recording

Recording solution for radio talkgroup conversations on MOTOTRBO radio networks.

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