20 Sep 2012

Release of Alarm Control System 2.8

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We are pleased to announce the release of a new version of the ZONITH Alarm Control System. This release, version 2.8, is a free upgrade for customers on our support package. This release is a normal release which introduces a lot of new functionality.

The changes are:

ZONITH Alarm Control System

The Alarm Control System is the product that handles critical alarms and dispatches them to relevant people.

  • NEW: Direct interface to Motorola DIMETRA Short Data Router for TETRA SDS communication
  • NEW: MOTOTRBO Job Ticket support.
  • IMPROVED: Support for Sepura radios version 10 and onwards
  • IMPROVED: Close alarms automatically after Accept has been received.
  • IMPROVED: Notify all recipients when an alarm is accepted.
  • And several defects have been fixed

Alarm Listeners

Alarm listeners connect ZONITH software to a wide variety of alarm sources.

  • NEW: A new SNMP Listener to convert SNMP traps to alarms.
  • NEW: A new Motorola Fault NBI to collect alarms from Motorola DIMETRA Micro systems.
  • IMPROVED: Make it possible to replace alarm text with other text value.
  • IMPROVED: All configuration tools now show the version number.

ZONITH GPS Collector – Collect and convert GPS data from radios

The ZONITH GPS Collector is a new product that collects GPS data from TETRA radios and converts it to NMEA 0183 Target Latitude Longitude sentences. These sentences can be linked to solutions like MaxSea TimeZero navigation software for visual presentation of the location of the TETRA radios.

  • NEW: Collect GPS data from TETRA radios using the LIP protocol and convert it to NMEA 0183 TLL sentences. The interface to TETRA network can be a Motorola DIMETRA Short Data Router, a Motorola TETRA radio or a Sepura TETRA radio.

Alarm Display – Showing alarms on remote or control room PC screens

The Alarm Display shows current alarms on a VGA screen. It is fully customisable to include your logo and colour scheme.

  • BUG FIX: Better way of handling problems with the serial connection.

ZONITH recommends that all customers to upgrade to version 2.8. All customers with a Support & Software Upgrade subscription can contact their local distributor or ZONITH support at for details of how to download their free upgrade. Please state your current release number (which can be found in the About page of the ACS) and include your license key when contacting ZONITH support.

TRBOapps with base in Sydney, Australia, have become a distributor of Zonith’s products in Australia and New Zealand. TRBOapps will be distributing the full product portfolio of Zonith’s value add applications for Motorola MOTOTRBO two way digital radios.

More information:

01 Jul 2011

Termination of NMSview Cooperation

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The cooperation between ZONITH and Qondoc System A/S (formerly NMSview A/S) concerning sales and support of Zonith’s NMSview and SMS Gateway products have stopped by as of the 1st of July 2011.

Questions regarding this message can be answered by Kristian Stiesmark at

01 Jul 2011

New Distributor – MIMER Group in Denmark

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MIMER Group of Denmark have become a distributor of Zonith’s products. MIMER Group delivers GSM/SMS  based solutions to customers throughout Scandinavia and will focus on the market for SMS based alarm handling.

More information:


Kaukomarkkinat Oy from Finland and Electronica VIRGILI S.A from Spain have been nominated as distributors of ZONITH’s MOTOTRBO, TETRA and Bluetooth based Positioning solutions.

More information:

09 May 2011

New Distributor – TESLA Technologies

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TESLA Technologies from the Netherlands has been nominated as distributior of ZONITH’s MOTOTRBO, TETRA and Bluetooth based Positioning solutions. TESLA Technologies has a high expertice in digital radio systems and application implementation.

More information:

09 May 2011

ZONITH AAA Credit rating, again!

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Once again Zonith has achieved the highest credit rating AAA by Soliditet A/S (former Dun & Bradstreet Danmark A/S). Among all companies in Denmark only a few percent have achieved the AAA rating.

Zonith is pleased to announce that we have launched the ESPA4.4.4 interface for our Alarm Control System. The interface, ESPA4.4.4 Listener, is able to tap alarm information from alarm sources supporting the old ESPA4.4.4 pager protocol. With the ESPA4.4.4 Listener, customers using ESPA pagers will be able to migrate to modern digital radio communication like TETRA or MOTOTRBO standards without changing the system that generates the ESPA text messages.

ZONITH have launched a series of standard Bluetooth Side Adapter products for MOTOROLA MOTOTRBO and TETRA S-series radios. The adapters are all compliant with the ZONITH Indoor Positioning System and can be positioned and tracked at the same time as they are used for audio connectivity.

Read more.

The Health Protection Agency in the UK have installed the ZONITH Alarm Control System to enable Emergency Response Teams to instantly react to critical building management, lone worker, fire and security alarms using MOTOTRBO radios and mobile phones. Hyper critical Health & Safety alarms are automatically and instantly dispatched to trained emergency responders so they can take immediate action.

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