Zonith is pleased to announce that we have launched the ESPA4.4.4 interface for our Alarm Control System. The interface, ESPA4.4.4 Listener, is able to tap alarm information from alarm sources supporting the old ESPA4.4.4 pager protocol. With the ESPA4.4.4 Listener, customers using ESPA pagers will be able to migrate to modern digital radio communication like TETRA or MOTOTRBO standards without changing the system that generates the ESPA text messages.

ZONITH have launched a series of standard Bluetooth Side Adapter products for MOTOROLA MOTOTRBO and TETRA S-series radios. The adapters are all compliant with the ZONITH Indoor Positioning System and can be positioned and tracked at the same time as they are used for audio connectivity.

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Zonith is pleased to announce that we have been accredited as a Professional Radio Application Partner with Motorola. The accrediation further enables Zonith to develop and deliver value add applications for Motorola’s two-way professional DMR radios, MOTOTRBO.

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The Health Protection Agency in the UK have installed the ZONITH Alarm Control System to enable Emergency Response Teams to instantly react to critical building management, lone worker, fire and security alarms using MOTOTRBO radios and mobile phones. Hyper critical Health & Safety alarms are automatically and instantly dispatched to trained emergency responders so they can take immediate action.

The ZONITH Alarm Control System (ACS) will be installed at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) data centre in the UK. This installation continues to strengthen the position of the ZONITH Alarm Control System as the preferred alarm management solution for MOTOTRBO customers. More than 30 users will receive automatic task messaging alarms from facilities management task and alarm sources.

We are very proud to announce that we have signed a strategic sales and marketing partnership agreement with Canadian based Teldio. ZONITH will actively sell and support the Teldio RBX solution combined with the ZONITH Alarm Control System to key vertical customer groups within EMEA. This partnership also enables Teldio to sell ZONITH software in Canada and North America.

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Vianet Sverig AB from Luleå in Sweden has been nominated as distributior of ZONITH’s MOTOTRBO, TETRA and MPT1327 applications in the Northern part of Sweden. Vianet is certified Motorola dealer.

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DONG Energy in Denmark has placed order for the 12th Power Plant to use ZONITH’s Alarm Control System for Lone-Worker protection and handling of critical alarms. ZONITH’s reseller Radiocom (  is the main contractor and will install the DAMM Tetra infrastructure, Sepura radios and Zonith’s software.

Read case story DONG Energy Power Plant

Read article from Power Engineering

25 Aug 2010


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The increasing demand for safety solutions at harsh environmental work places as oil rigs, mines and tunnels has resulted in a partnership between IDENTEC SOLUTIONS from Austria and ZONITH from Denmark. The two companies each provides advanced access, safety and alarm handling solutions. By combining the technologies of the two companies it is not just possible to control access to the harsh environmental work places but also ensure a much faster and accurate reaction to any emergency situation occurring. The combined solution has with success already been deployed at a number of large construction projects in the Swedish capital Stockholm.

Read about the Norra Länken tunnel construction story from Stockholm.

ZONITH have delivered the ZONITH Alarm Control System to ESB Power Generation in Ireland. The system was installed by the ZONITH reseller EMR. The combined solution included ZONITH software working with a Honeywell Building Management System and a Teldio PABX interface. The solution links alarm sources to MOTOTRBO radios enabling engineers and security teams to instantly know where their attention is required.

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