ZONITH’s applications will be shown by our partners at the IWCE exhibition in Las Vegas from 29th to 30th March 2017. Please visit one of these booth for a chat or a live demonstration:

  • JVCKENWOOD, boot 617
  • Teldio, Boot 1279

Find IWCE’s website here.

For more information please mail or call +45 33324530.

It is with great pleasure we can announce that the full ZONITH application portfolio for digital TETRA and DMR radios now also support Kenwood NEXEDGE and DMR radios. The applications supported are:

  • Indoor positioning using the build-in Bluetooth in the NX-53xx series.
  • Outdoor GPS positioning.
  • Combining the Indoor and the outdoor positioning in one single user interface.
  • Handling all sorts of fire, technical and panic alarms via the radios.
  • Providing staff safety and lone-worker protection services via the radios.

All of the above works off-course in conjunction with our Bluetooth ID Badge providing panic button and indoor positioning as well as our Android App also providing alarm handling, panic alerting and indoor & outdoor positioning.

For more information contact or call +45 33324530.

For several years, a Scandinavian prison has used the ZONITH Real Time Location System for alerting and positioning their guards via their Motorola MOTOTRBO radios – both indoors and outdoors.

ZONITH has recently completed a successful trial with the prison for a seamless extension of their existing Real Time Location System, that provides enhanced coverage outside the MOTOTRBO radio range. Now the prison is able to track vehicles transporting prisoners between sites, as well as being able to receive alarms from the guards in the vehicles.

Many test drives and alarm scenarios were conducted over a 3-month period, to ensure the robustness of the extension under varying demanding conditions, whilst demonstrating the seamless integration between the radio-based existing ZONITH RTLS in the prison and the GPS/GSM based extension outside the prison.

Additionally, the ZONITH RTLS control room display was optimized to ensure that control room operators in charge of monitoring prison transports are only presented with real-time information about vehicles when they are actually transporting prisoners.

After successful completion of the trial, the new system has been rolled out, with a number of vehicle tracking and alarming extensions added to enhance the existing ZONITH RTLS alarm and positioning solution at the prison.

The ZONITH Real-Time Location System is the only system that offers seamless integration of indoor (Bluetooth) and outdoor (GPS) positioning, that also offers seamless integration with a wide range of wireless devices.

Indoor positioning can be performed on all devices supporting the “always discoverable” Bluetooth feature, such as: TETRA radios, MOTOTRBO radios, Hytera radios, Kenwood NEXEDGE radios, ZONITH Bluetooth ID Badge and Android Smartphones with the ZONITH App.

Outdoor positioning can be performed on numerous GPS wireless device, including: Handheld/vehicle mounted GSM units, TETRA radios, MOTOTRBO radios, Hytera radios and Android Smartphones with the ZONITH App.

For more concrete information about this specific case please contact Export Sales Manager Svend Lauszus,

Danish based ZONITH A/S and San Paulo based CDC Telecom Group have signed a distributor agreement for the sale of ZONITH’s award winning applications, for Motorola MOTOTRBO radio applications, across South America.
CDC Telecom Group in one of the largest distributors of Motorola MOTOTRBO radio solutions in Brazil. The company have a strong position in the market after having delivered solutions to customers within the energy, transport, mining, steel industry and hotel markets for more than two decades. CDC Telecom Group has the ambition to reach out to other South American countries and will be identified as the main representative for ZONITH across the continent.

About the partnership, General Manager Luiz Galano of CDC Telecom Group, says “Over the last five years our company has been the most successful Motorola MOTOTRBO application partner in Brazil. With ZONITH, we have found a partner who is specialized in data and messaging services and has a portfolio of applications that fit perfectly to the market we excel in. ZONITH’s applications fit perfectly well into the large power utility, transport and mining companies that we traditionally support. ZONITH already have a great reputation in the market and we are very much looking forward to working with ZONITH, not only supporting the Brazilian market but other South American markets too.”

CEO of ZONITH Kristian Hartvig Stiesmark says of the cooperation, “We are currently selling our advanced applications throughout the EMEA, African, North American and South East Asian markets but have yet to penetrate the South American market. With CDC Telecom Group, we have found a partner that has a wealth of experience in selling applications, but most importantly we have found a partner with the ambition and strength required to ultimately cover the entire South American market “.

About CDC Telecom Group
CDC Telecom Group is a Brazilian systems integrator focused in planning, development and deployment of convergent and custom solutions in software, voice and data over IP and radio frequency. Established in 1997, the company is one of the largest Motorola resellers in Brazil. Apart from being the ZONITH application distributor, the company distributes voice dispatch systems from SmartPTT. Offering ZONITH solutions combined with dispatching services from smart PTT provides CDC Telecom with a unique opportunity to provide a full solution to the South American Market.

ZONITH A/S, CEO Kristian Hartvig Stiesmark,, +45 33324530
CDC Telecom Group, General Manager Luiz Fernando Galano,, +55 11 29143040

ZONITH A/S and Elcomplus Inc. based in Florida join marketing forces in the field of delivering applications into the Motorola MOTOTRBO, DMR radio market. Since Motorola launched the MOTOTRBO™ digital radio solution in 2007, the two companies have been developing and delivering market leading applications into the global market place.

Where Elcomplus delivers the most advanced voice dispatcher solution on the market, the SmartPTT dispatcher, ZONITH delivers the most robust and advanced application suite for staff safety and alarm handling. By joining forces on the sales side, the combined application portfolio fulfills all requirements for customer tenders in the market. Customers that combine solutions from ZONITH and Elcomplus will be able to perform voice dispatch from any computer, track any radio outdoors via GPS or indoors via Bluetooth, ensure alarms are resolved quickly and provide the best lone-worker protection available to date.

About the cooperation, CEO of Elcomplus Eugene Teplyakov, says “With ZONITH we have found a partner who is specialized in data and messaging services. The portfolio of products from ZONITH complements our portfolio and gives us a unique chance to acquire even more tenders. ZONITH have a great reputation in the market and we are very much looking forward to working with them.”

CEO of ZONITH Kristian Hartvig Stiesmark says of the cooperation, “Our company is specialized in providing data services for digital radios, such as alarm handling and lone-worker protection services. Naturally, over the years, we have been asked to recommend or provide voice dispatching services too. With SmartPTT we have found a partner that not only have the highest quality and most flexible voice dispatcher solution, but also a company that we trust can make a real difference together with ZONITH”.

About SmartPTT

SmartPTT is a software application for radio dispatch and management of Motorola Solutions’ MOTOTRBO™ digital two-way radio systems. SmartPTT’s main features are Voice Recording, GPS Tracking, Network Monitoring, Telephone Interconnect, and much more. SmartPTT provides full functional control and fleet management for radio networks of any size and topology based on MOTOTRBO™ IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus (single site and multi-site), Connect Plus and Capacity Max systems.


ZONITH is an independent manufacturer of software solutions designed to monitor and manage critical alarms as well as dedicated Lone-Worker protection solutions. ZONITH’s Bluetooth based indoor positioning and GPS based outdoor positioning solutions ensure a fast and accurate response to any critical situation. ZONITH solutions work in harmony with market leading wireless devices like Android Smartphones, TETRA and MOTOTRBO™ DMR radios, DECT and GSM phones, as well as the ZONITH Bluetooth ID Badge. ZONITH solutions are focused on increasing safety, security and situational awareness.



ZONITH A/S, CEO Kristian Hartvig Stiesmark,, +45 33324530

Elcomplus Inc., General Manager – Americas, Michael Soulliard,, +1 786 362 5525

ZONITH will be showing its solutions for safety, security and situational awareness at the SEAMCOM GmbH’s stand at the PMR Expo in Cologne in the period 22-24 November 2016. The event is the international trade fair for Professional Mobile Radio and Control Centre.

For more information please contact Svend Lauszus,


06 Oct 2016

ZONITH vertical market solutions

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ZONITH vertical market solutions

ZONITH is increasing its sales into specific market segments where our solutions for safety, security and location awareness is the key. To help our customers a series of 10 market specific brochures are now available  from the download part of our web-site. The specific market solutions are:

Prison & correctional facilities
• Staff safety at psychiatric institutions
Data & hosting Centre
Power Utilities
Mines & tunnel construction
Oil & Gas
Hospitality & hotels
Education and school safety

The Bluetooth ID Badge functions as a regular ID badge, whereby standard ID cards and Access Control cards can be inserted. However, the built-in wireless Bluetooth unit combined with a panic button on the back of the badge allows for discrete positioning and panic alerting. That takes staff safety to the next level.

The wireless panic button is strategically located on the back of the badge. One press triggers an alarm through the Bluetooth Receiver network. This solution is perfect for anyone working alone in volatile environments. Together with situations where visitors need to be tracked and located immediately. When an alarm is raised in a panic situation, detailed location information will be sent automatically to colleagues, security guards or other designated personnel to ensure rapid assistance.

To sum up, by combining these 3 technologies in this discreet wearable panic button, staff are safeguarded no matter where they are.

Key Features:

  • Large alarm button
  • Wireless Bluetooth low energy
  • Long lasting rechargeable battery
  • Wearable ID card holder

Read more: ZONITH Bluetooth ID Badge Brochure

Smart Tickets – The easy way to handle tasks and alarms on a MOTOTRBO radio

Usability on a radio has never been particular good. Compared to modern devices like Smartphones, Tablets and BlackBerry’s the usability of a radio falls behind.

ZONITH is now taking usability to the next level by introducing the Smart Tickets for MOTOTRBO radios. Smart Tickets is an app loaded into the Generic Option Board (GOB) of a MOTOTRBO radio. With the Smart Ticket app the radio users do no longer need to handle alarms and tasks in blindness.

MOTOTRBO SmartTicket

Read more: ZONITH Smart Tickets Brochure

25 Apr 2016

ZONITH strengthens sales in Germany

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ZONITH is seeing increased interest from companies in Germany and have therefore employed Svend Friis LAUSZUS to handle the sales in Germany. Svend comes from senior positions at Nokia Siemens Networks and SAAB Technologies.
Svend will be present at Motorola Channel Partner Event May 25, 2016 in Berlin.


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