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31 Jan 2020


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Unique Secure

Unique Secure is a security firm in Copenhagen, Denmark, servicing customers within the premium brand industry. Apart from security and theft control in premium shops, Unique Secure also offer logistics control, facility and building services and administrative services.



Security staff found it difficult to communicate and handle daily tasks, whilst maintaining a high level of service and security to their premium customers. Furthermore, management wanted to ensure their personal safety if they faced a threatening or emergency situation.


Unique Secure chose digital guard radios and smartphones and combined with ZONITH’s alarm handling and task allocation software to handle work orders and dispatch alarms immediately to their radios/smartphones if an alarm is raised. Each handheld device can be located in an emergency via GPS when outdoors and via Bluetooth when indoors.

Improve Communication and Staff Safety

To further enhance their service offerings to their customers, Unique Secure have recently taken the latest radio and software technologies into use, transitioning from delivering traditional security services to become a full-service company.


Alarm Handling & Task Allocation

Due to tough competition in the market, Unique Secure chose to new technology to set themselves apart from the others. ZONITH’s Alarm Control System can:

  • Dispatch personal panic alarms from and to digital guard radios and smartphones.
  • Dispatch lone worker alarms if an ‘Are you OK?’ message is not answered.
  • Handle alarms from building management systems and CCTV.
  • Integrate with digital guard radios and smartphones work orders, allowing tasks to be raised and forgotten about, as they can be accepted from the guard radios/smartphones, and escalated to the next employee if rejected.

Indoor and Outdoor Positioning

Apart from having instant access to alarms and work orders, Unique Secure now have a much better system to protect the staff themselves. The radios and smartphones are tracked using ZONITH’s Real Time Location System called RTLS which will use the radios/smartphone Bluetooth when the guards are inside the shops and GPS when the guards are outdoors. 

To monitor the location of Bluetooth units inside the shop the RTLS uses small Bluetooth receivers. If an alarm is raised, all other staff members will receive instant information about the alarm and also the exact location of the staff in distress.

Key Benefits

  • Panic alarms are immediately dispatched to security radios and smartphones.
  • Guards can be located both indoors and outdoors.
  • Discreet panic alerting for quick assistance calling but also to avoid escalated and dangerous situations.
  • Guards can communicate easily via the smartphones and digital radios.
  • Task allocation and acceptance achievable through integration with smartphones and radios Work Order interface.

“We selected ZONITH’s alarm and task handling solution which can be combined with smartphones and digital radios, which are needed as we work throughout the entire city of Copenhagen. Apart from the voice communication, the smarthphones/radios also support text messaging, Bluetooth and GPS, which makes a perfectly suited solution for us!” 

Kasper Jarlkov, Managing Director Unique Secure

15 Jan 2020

Violence at work?

“The risk of exposure to violence and threats at work is far greater than in the rest of society.

On average, 10% of employed Danes were exposed to workplace violence over the course of a year.

Females had twice the risk of males, which was to some degree caused by gendered employment patterns across sectors.”

We at ZONITH believe that safety environment at the workplace is one of the highest priority.

Our solutions are tailored to help prevent violence situations and react as fast as possible to any emergency.

Raising discreet and immediate panic alarms are crucial to be safe.

The ZONITH ID Badge accepts a regular ID card inserted on the front, as other ID cardholders do.

On the backside of the ZONITH ID Badge, a panic button is located that can be pushed discretely.

Discretion prevents escalating distressed situations further, so you can focus on deescalating the case while help is already on the way.

The ID Badge will also send the exact position of your personnel in distress, to those responding to the emergency, to save reaction time.

Credits: Rockwool Fonden full report here:

#workplace #violence #employee #protection

ZONITH’s Lone-Worker App automatically calls for help whenever you are not able to do so yourself.

The service periodically checks if you are OK, and if you do not confirm it, it calls for help on your behalf.

All you need is a Smartphone with the ZONITH’s App installed.

We know that in many working environments, it’s impossible to use a Smartphone and to confirm from the L-W messages on screen.

We have therefore made a much better solution to improve Lone-Worker safety. You can pair your Smartphone with our Bluetooth ID Badge.

Using the badge gives you an extra level of security, you can raise a panic alarm or confirm “Are you OK?” messages, discreetly without being noticed.

Your Smartphone can stay in your pocket, without making people around you suspicious.

We have launched our solutions packed, so they fit better into specific customer segments. 

It’s proven to be a very successful way of selling our staff safety solutions. 

To that extent, we have launched two new specific packages.

Our packages are now tailored to increase staff safety in:

  • Retail and Offices
  • Schools and Universities
  • Lone-Worker Protection
  • Home and Residential 

Share with us your thoughts about it! 

If you want to hear more about our dedicated product packages, please contact us by email at

If you are wondering how this week begins for us…

Here is a little glimpse.

SECTECH has officially begun. 

Yesterday we were building up this stand and preparing for the exhibition. 

Share with us what you think about our exhibition booth?

Visit ZONITH A/S at stand 03:90 and have a little chat with us, get to know our products and solutions we provide. 

We are here to meet you! 

For more information about the ZONITH safety solutions contact us at

 Greve municipality’s reception employees often encounter impatient or frustrated citizens. At times, a regular inquiry can rapidly develop into a threatening episode, where the staff rely on being able to alert each other discreetly. In these unpleasant situations, it is often impossible to call for assistance by phone or radio.

Personal safety system

• Greve municipality employees always carry an ID card. A discreet panic button is located on the back, which employees can press to call for assistance.

• The ID card holder is positioned indoors, so colleagues in addition to the alarm receive precise information about where their assistance is required.

• For home visits, the same ID card holder is connected directly to the staff’s SmartPhone.

• If an alarm is triggered, alarms are sent immediately to colleagues and/or the security office, who can take the next steps to respond as necessary.

 “The staff feel assured by the idea that they can call for help without notice. The fact that they can push the same discrete alarm both inside the office and out of office whilst visiting citizens at home, has made significant improvements to our staff security “Niels Mathissen – Risk Coordinator Greve Municipality 

Niels Mathissen – Risk Coordinator Greve Municipality 

Copenhagen Jobcentre

The jobcentre in Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital and most populated city, has consolidated most of its employment support facilities into one large jobcentre. The large, multi-story and multi-building jobcentre has many counsellors and other support staff. The jobcentre covers an area of 36000 m2, and 1100 people work there daily. The number of visitors in a day can be as many as 2000. The jobcentre has its own security team who safeguard the staff against frustrated and angry clients.

All staff members are wearing the ZONITH ID Badge with their access control card inserted into the front. Besides mounted, wireless panic buttons are in both meeting rooms and reception areas. These panic buttons combine with the ZONITH control room software become a highly sophisticated panic alarm call system. It dispatches automatically and fasts alarms to the closest security guard

Indoor and Outdoor Protection

ZONITH’s Bluetooth Receivers are installed throughout the building. The Bluetooth Receivers monitor any panic alarms from the staff while providing the indoor position of the staff in danger. The same system will also locate the nearest security guard, who can react the fastest.

To ensure staff members are safe while outside, Bluetooth Receivers have been installed in weatherproof enclosures. Should a distress situation arise outside, the staff can press the panic button on their ID badge, informing security as to where they should rush to.

Control Room

This solution ensures that alarms are sent to the appropriate security guards based on their location, work schedule and competency. All alerts are also visualized on monitors in the security control room.

Key Benefits

• Discreet alarming. Panic buttons are built into the ID cardholder of the staff, and wireless alarm buttons are attached to the underside of the reception desks and mounted in meeting rooms.
• Fast Reaction Time. Security personnel receive panic alarms within seconds.
• Easy Installation and easy administration.
• Long battery lifetime for ID badges and fixed buttons.
• Complete coverage: Panic alerting and positioning works both inside and outside of the building.
• With the positioning system, the security team will know who is inside and who has left the building, in case of an emergency.

Due to strong 2018 results, ZONITH has achieved, once again the highest credit rating AAA by Bisnode (former Dun & Bradstreet).

The AAA rating is the highest and best rank given and show that ZONITH has a sound business and a strong economy. In Denmark, ZONITH is among the only 3% of companies having the highest AAA rating.

This rating is widely used in business, retail, municipalities, regions and state institutions when seeking for a future partner. It has a high degree of awareness and at the same time signals, that we are a trustworthy, well-run and well-consolidated company, which with serenity you can trade with. The above signal values are the same, in almost every industry globally.

ZONITH is now launching the Bluetooth IO Module which is used for monitoring digital alarm input signals from 3rd party alarm panels and technical installations such as PIR sensors, door lock alarms, CCTV camera alarms, access control systems, temperature sensors etc. Basically, any signal with an “open/close” function can be interfaced to the IO Module.

The IO Module works together with ZONITH’s staff safety solutions and offers an opportunity to utilise the system even more at the same time as it enables business opportunities by implementing and centralising the customer’s alarm handling into one single solution.

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