Greve municipality’s reception employees often encounter impatient or frustrated citizens. At times, a regular inquiry can rapidly develop into a threatening episode, where the staff rely on being able to alert each other discreetly. In these unpleasant situations, it is often impossible to call for assistance by phone or radio.

Personal safety system

• Greve municipality employees always carry an ID card. A discreet panic button is located on the back, which employees can press to call for assistance.

• The ID card holder is positioned indoors, so colleagues in addition to the alarm receive precise information about where their assistance is required.

• For home visits, the same ID card holder is connected directly to the staff’s SmartPhone.

• If an alarm is triggered, alarms are sent immediately to colleagues and/or the security office, who can take the next steps to respond as necessary.

 “The staff feel assured by the idea that they can call for help without notice. The fact that they can push the same discrete alarm both inside the office and out of office whilst visiting citizens at home, has made significant improvements to our staff security “

Niels Mathissen – Risk Coordinator Greve Municipality