First response to fire and technical alarms


Quickest possible reaction to fire alarms is critical to handle dangerous situations and prevent major losses.

ZONITH’s notification and first response solution are ideal for preventing dangerous situations. Therefore it ensures first responders will have instant information available to handle the situation.

ZONITH Fire Alert Explainer

By monitoring fire panels as well as other technical installations, ZONITH’s solution sends instant, relevant and precise information to selected employees – the first responders! Immediate notifications can be sent to SmartPhones, tablets, guard radios or only as pop-up information alerts to any network connected screen.

Fire alarms need to be handled with the quickest possible way. – – –  Therefore, the key is to notify the first responders instantly, with a visible text alert regarding the problem. With this information, you can rush to the origin of the situation as it unfolds. You are saving valuable time, avoiding consulting fire panels, control room displays or other time prohibitive processes.

Many alarms being raised are often false alarms, caused by people smoking in a restricted area or only due to faulty equipment. With this solution, first responders react without delay and can inspect the location of the alarm to determine if the fear is real or false. Upon realization of false alarms, first responders can actively acknowledge and notify the fire brigade to stand down.

By introducing this solution into your organization, high costs will be saved by reducing call-outs to the emergency services. Also, significant cost savings will be made from avoiding evacuations, and production delays etc.

”No matter where you are located ZONITH staff safety solutions will safeguard you!”

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