“The risk of exposure to violence and threats at work is far greater than in the rest of society. On average, 10% of employed Danes were exposed to workplace violence over the course of a year. Females had twice the risk of males, which was to some degree caused by gendered employment patterns across sectors.”

We at ZONITH believe that safety environment at the workplace is one of the highest priority.

Our solutions are tailored to help prevent violence situations and react as fast as possible to any emergency.

Raising discreet and immediate panic alarms are crucial to be safe.

The ZONITH ID Cardholder accepts a regular ID card inserted on the front, as other ID cardholders do.

On the backside of the ZONITH ID Cardholder, a panic button is located that can be pushed discretely.

Discretion prevents escalating distressed situations further, so you can focus on deescalating the case while help is already on the way.

The ID Cardholder will also send the exact position of your personnel in distress, to those responding to the emergency, to save reaction time.

Credits: Rockwool Fonden full report here: https://bit.ly/303a2oL