Project Description

ZONITH Bluetooth Panic Alerting & Positioning Solution

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Staff Safety, Panic Alerting and Indoor Positioning

This solution is designed for working environments where staff or visitors need to be located immediately when exposed to threats, or whilst operating in lone-worker situations. This solution also provides the end-user with the ability to raise immediate, locatable panic alarms, optimising response times during any emergency.

Solution Overview

Bluetooth ID Badge

The Bluetooth ID Badge functions as a regular ID badge, whereby standard ID cards and Access Control cards can be inserted. However, the built-in wireless Bluetooth unit and panic button on the back of the badge allows for discrete positioning and panic alerting that takes staff safety to the next level.

The panic button is discretely and strategically located on the back of the badge. One press triggers an alarm through the Bluetooth Receiver network. This solution is perfect for anyone working alone in volatile environments, but also in situations where visitors need to be tracked and located immediately.

Windows Pop-Up Display

The Windows Desktop Alarm Pop-Up allows immediate mass-notification of alarms on any Windows PC. The alarm notification will pop-up on the PC screen automatically, overriding any other document or task being worked on at the time the alarm is raised.

Alarm Display

The Interactive Alarm Display shows alarm statuses on PC monitors. The monitor can be located on the wall of the office or in a security room and provides easy, visual representation and management of alarms. Not only is the alarm type and status shown, but staff can interact with the touch screens allowing alarms to be accepted, closed and cancelled, if this is desired.

Floor Plan

Via a standard browser like Chrome, it is possible to show the exact location of any Bluetooth ID Badge or SmartPhone on the actual floorplan of the building. The location of the distress situation is shown with red shading.


Clear alarm text – When a critical alarm occurs then the pop-up will notify the users on the Windows PC screen.

Managing alarms – Alarms can be accepted, declined or cancelled.

Bluetooth Receiver

The backbone of the ZONITH Indoor Positioning System are the wall-mounted Bluetooth Receivers. The Bluetooth Receivers can locate the ZONITH Bluetooth ID Badge, Smartphones with the ZONITH Smartphone App installed and other Bluetooth discoverable devices. The Bluetooth Receivers need to be connected to the LAN of the building.