Norway Prison Alarm Handling

Kongsvinger Prison

A prison in Norway have decided to use ZONITH to further strengthen prison staff safety measures for the employees on site. This prison holds 97 male prisoners at a time, 49 of whom require high-security custody. It is a part of the Norwegian Correctional Service comprising 5 regions and 3826 prisoners.

The facility was built in 2012 with a focus on protecting security guards from the outset. They were looking to provide guards with radio devices to raise alarms and open lines of communication should a situation arise. Also they wanted to know the position of their staff, no matter where they were on-site.


  • Deploy a panic alarm system throughout facility.

  • Track staff throughout all buildings.

  • Track staff in outdoor areas.

  • Display alarms visually to security.

Norway prison staff security solution

The Solution

Manage and dispatch panic alarms

ZONITH Alarm Control System (ACS) is a software platform that was configured to receive alarms raised from DMR radios, and send these alarms via text to security. This piece of software can clearly catch any alarm from any source and send out alarms to various types of media. Thus it would give the prison the ability to expand the solution in the future.

Indoor Positioning System

ZONITH installed 100 Bluetooth Beacons throughout the facility to provide room-level indoor positioning accuracy of staff carrying Bluetooth devices. More importantly the personnel can reorganize and individually name the devices. This way they would show not only the device in a specific location but the identity of the staff member holding that device. Obviously, this even more ensures the prison staff security.

GPS outdoor positioning

Once a staff member carrying a DMR handset leaves the building, the device will seamlessly switch to GPS tracking to cover staff in outdoor areas. Furthermore, GPS Geo-Fences helps to divide the whole territory into smaller more precise locations. When an alarm goes off, those locations show up as ‘parking lot’ or ‘exercise yard’.

Alarm Display

All alarms are visible on a touch screen device in the guards room. When an alarm is raised a map will pop-up showing the location of the source, whether indoors or outdoors. Hence, in an emergency situation this gives security and management the ability to very quickly and easily locate all staff on-site.

Key Benefits

  • Increases staff safety throughout entire prison.

  • Allows alarm handling and positioning from one radio device.

  • Staff are visible anywhere and anytime.

  • Both indoor and outdoor alarms are displayed graphically in guard tower on one map.

  • Logs all alarms for post incident reporting.

  • Offers a cost-effective option for an all-in-one solution.

"Working with the management team, ZONITH deployed an alarm handling software solution using both Bluetooth and GPS technology with Motorola radios."


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