ZONITH A/S will attend IFSEC Global 2019 at ExCeL London. The whole range of products will be on display, with the stand manned by ZONITH’s UK Sales Director and the company CEO. We welcome you to come and experience the solution first hand, with live demos across all days of IFSEC 2019.

Copenhagen based ZONITH A/S which manufactures IoT based staff safety and lone-worker solutions, expands its market further in Tanzania in collaboration with G4S.

For many years ZONITH has been serving the security markets in Scandinavia, United Kingdom and North America with its products and software services for staff protection. Many public organisations, job centres, psychiatric institutions as well as retails are all using ZONITH’s Bluetooth based solutions for panic alert, indoor- and outdoor positioning.

ZONITH’s new series of discrete staff protection solutions that work both inside and outside buildings have now been introduced for the first time in East African’s security market. There is massive economic growth in East Africa but this positive trend brings some challenges such as threats from outside and insecurity, like the terrorist incident that took place at the large hotel complex in Nairobi, Kenya. Last year, ZONITH tested its safety solutions in the field in Tanzania and as the products proved to fit for both local corporates as well as residential/privates. ZONITH A/S has now signed an agreement with G4S in Tanzania. As a first step G4S will market the safety solutions in Tanzania to governmental organisations, Expats, banks and hotels. G4S 24/7 monitoring services and first responders will assist the customers using the safety solution and when calling for assistance. ZONITH expects to expand further into other East African markets as the products have been very positively perceived in Tanzania.

For more information about the ZONITH safety solution contact us at

One school is in southern Norway and one in the Bristol area in England have recently installed the ZONITH’s staff and school safety solution to protect their staff and pupils against volatile students.

The children at both institutions have educational, behavioural & medical challenges. The panic alerting solution installed provides the staff with a fast method of alerting and locating and notify the senior response team to any emergency. The system allowing the staff member to stay in control of any situation and attending to the pupil’s needs.
The solution also allows vulnerable students to have a discreet method of alerting staff to incidents of intimidation or threats made against them, giving peace of mind to staff, students and parents.

The solution installed give every teacher, admin, and maintenance staff a personal discrete wireless panic alerting device. The device position can be precisely measured both inside and outside of the buildings. When a panic alert is raised the alarm information and the position of the person in need of assistance is automatically notified to the response team. Notifications are done using SmartPhones, safety radios and pop-up screens on PCs.

For more information about the ZONITH school safety solution contact us at or visit

Due to a strong 2017 result Zonith has achieved the highest credit rating AAA by Bisnode (former Soliditet A/S / Dun & Bradstreet Danmark A/S). Among all companies in Denmark only two percents have achieved the AAA rating.

Terrorist and criminal drone attacks on humans and public/corporate facilities are increasing rapidly. Therefore, ZONITH A/S and MyDefence ApS, are entering into a partnership, to offer a full solution, whereby humans and public/corporate facilities are prewarned about drone attacks.

Many places are at risk of drone attacks, carried out by entities with criminal intentions. Prisons are at risks of drones delivering drugs, weapons or mobile phones. Larger events, where many people are gathered, are at risk of being attacked by drones. Power plants, electricity and gas distribution networks are at risk of being attacked by drones. The list of threats attributed to drone attacks is long and continues to grow longer, the more sophisticated drones become.

The cooperation between ZONITH and MyDefence is focused on the detection and quick reaction to drone attacks. MyDefence delivers highly effective drone detection systems. Once a drone is detected, the alarm handling solution from ZONITH will ensure that staff on the ground are instantly notified about the attack and alerted as to where it is coming from. With this combined solution, it is possible to react instantly to any drone attack and resolve the situation effectively.

Regarding the cooperation, CEO of MyDefence Christian Steinø, says “With ZONITH we have found a partner who has built a large global distribution channel. Their channel partners are all involved in the delivery of security solutions to both public and private companies, prisons, airports and sports arenas.  The alarm handling and secure communication portfolio of products from ZONITH complements our portfolio. ZONITH have a great reputation in the market and we are very much looking forward to working with them.”

CEO of ZONITH Kristian Hartvig Stiesmark reflects upon the cooperation, “Our company is specialized in providing instant alarm handling and staff protection solutions. For years we have delivered our security solutions into prisons, public safety institutions and other customers faced with complex security risks. Our customers have been asking us to provide drone detection as part of our installations and with MyDefence we have found a partner who can deliver the technology to detect drones.”

For more information contact:

ZONITH A/S, CEO Kristian Hartvig Stiesmark,, +45 33324530,

MyDefence ApS, CEO Christian Steinø,, +45 2085 3726,


ZONITH is happy to be sponsor for the Climb for Charity project, where dedicated and engaged people climb to the top of the Kiliminjaro mountain in Tanzania to fundraise for the Danish Child Accident Prevention Foundation Børneulykkesfonden.

Climb for Charity was started in 2015  to create awareness around the foundation and its work on preventing accidents and increasing child safety in Denmark. The founders of the Climb for Charity events were determined that the charity work should be physically challenges thereby raising awareness on the importance of childrens’ safety.

For more information about the sponsoring contact CEO Kristian Hartvig Stiesmark,

or visit:

It is with great pleasure we can announce that the full ZONITH application portfolio for digital TETRA and DMR radios now also support Kenwood NEXEDGE and DMR radios. The applications supported are:

  • Indoor positioning using the build-in Bluetooth in the NX-53xx series.
  • Outdoor GPS positioning.
  • Combining the Indoor and the outdoor positioning in one single user interface.
  • Handling all sorts of fire, technical and panic alarms via the radios.
  • Providing staff safety and lone-worker protection services via the radios.

All of the above works off-course in conjunction with our Bluetooth ID Badge providing panic button and indoor positioning as well as our Android App also providing alarm handling, panic alerting and indoor & outdoor positioning.

For more information contact or call +45 33324530.

For several years, a Scandinavian prison has used the ZONITH Real Time Location System for alerting and positioning their guards via their Motorola MOTOTRBO radios – both indoors and outdoors.

ZONITH has recently completed a successful trial with the prison for a seamless extension of their existing Real Time Location System, that provides enhanced coverage outside the MOTOTRBO radio range. Now the prison is able to track vehicles transporting prisoners between sites, as well as being able to receive alarms from the guards in the vehicles.

Many test drives and alarm scenarios were conducted over a 3-month period, to ensure the robustness of the extension under varying demanding conditions, whilst demonstrating the seamless integration between the radio-based existing ZONITH RTLS in the prison and the GPS/GSM based extension outside the prison.

Additionally, the ZONITH RTLS control room display was optimized to ensure that control room operators in charge of monitoring prison transports are only presented with real-time information about vehicles when they are actually transporting prisoners.

After successful completion of the trial, the new system has been rolled out, with a number of vehicle tracking and alarming extensions added to enhance the existing ZONITH RTLS alarm and positioning solution at the prison.

The ZONITH Real-Time Location System is the only system that offers seamless integration of indoor (Bluetooth) and outdoor (GPS) positioning, that also offers seamless integration with a wide range of wireless devices.

Indoor positioning can be performed on all devices supporting the “always discoverable” Bluetooth feature, such as: TETRA radios, MOTOTRBO radios, Hytera radios, Kenwood NEXEDGE radios, ZONITH Bluetooth ID Badge and Android Smartphones with the ZONITH App.

Outdoor positioning can be performed on numerous GPS wireless device, including: Handheld/vehicle mounted GSM units, TETRA radios, MOTOTRBO radios, Hytera radios and Android Smartphones with the ZONITH App.

For more concrete information about this specific case please contact Export Sales Manager Svend Lauszus,

ZONITH A/S and Elcomplus Inc. based in Florida join marketing forces in the field of delivering applications into the Motorola MOTOTRBO, DMR radio market. Since Motorola launched the MOTOTRBO™ digital radio solution in 2007, the two companies have been developing and delivering market leading applications into the global market place.

Where Elcomplus delivers the most advanced voice dispatcher solution on the market, the SmartPTT dispatcher, ZONITH delivers the most robust and advanced application suite for staff safety and alarm handling. By joining forces on the sales side, the combined application portfolio fulfills all requirements for customer tenders in the market. Customers that combine solutions from ZONITH and Elcomplus will be able to perform voice dispatch from any computer, track any radio outdoors via GPS or indoors via Bluetooth, ensure alarms are resolved quickly and provide the best lone-worker protection available to date.

About the cooperation, CEO of Elcomplus Eugene Teplyakov, says “With ZONITH we have found a partner who is specialized in data and messaging services. The portfolio of products from ZONITH complements our portfolio and gives us a unique chance to acquire even more tenders. ZONITH have a great reputation in the market and we are very much looking forward to working with them.”

CEO of ZONITH Kristian Hartvig Stiesmark says of the cooperation, “Our company is specialized in providing data services for digital radios, such as alarm handling and lone-worker protection services. Naturally, over the years, we have been asked to recommend or provide voice dispatching services too. With SmartPTT we have found a partner that not only have the highest quality and most flexible voice dispatcher solution, but also a company that we trust can make a real difference together with ZONITH”.

About SmartPTT

SmartPTT is a software application for radio dispatch and management of Motorola Solutions’ MOTOTRBO™ digital two-way radio systems. SmartPTT’s main features are Voice Recording, GPS Tracking, Network Monitoring, Telephone Interconnect, and much more. SmartPTT provides full functional control and fleet management for radio networks of any size and topology based on MOTOTRBO™ IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus (single site and multi-site), Connect Plus and Capacity Max systems.


ZONITH is an independent manufacturer of software solutions designed to monitor and manage critical alarms as well as dedicated Lone-Worker protection solutions. ZONITH’s Bluetooth based indoor positioning and GPS based outdoor positioning solutions ensure a fast and accurate response to any critical situation. ZONITH solutions work in harmony with market leading wireless devices like Android Smartphones, TETRA and MOTOTRBO™ DMR radios, DECT and GSM phones, as well as the ZONITH Bluetooth ID Badge. ZONITH solutions are focused on increasing safety, security and situational awareness.



ZONITH A/S, CEO Kristian Hartvig Stiesmark,, +45 33324530

Elcomplus Inc., General Manager – Americas, Michael Soulliard,, +1 786 362 5525

06 Oct 2016

ZONITH vertical market solutions

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ZONITH vertical market solutions

ZONITH is increasing its sales into specific market segments where our solutions for safety, security and location awareness is the key. To help our customers a series of 10 market specific brochures are now available  from the download part of our web-site. The specific market solutions are:

Prison & correctional facilities
• Staff safety at psychiatric institutions
Data & hosting Centre
Power Utilities
Mines & tunnel construction
Oil & Gas
Hospitality & hotels
Education and school safety

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