ZONITH A/S is founded in 2000 by a group of Nokia engineers. Since then, ZONITH has been an independent manufacturer of software and hardware solutions, designed to protect personnel and security staff in the workplace. We specialize in personal panic alarming and Lone-Worker protection using Bluetooth based indoor positioning and GPS based outdoor positioning.

Through a network of active partners, ZONITH has a robust global market presence and a loyal installed base of customers. With reliable and proven products, technologies and services and a great team, ZONITH is well-positioned as a global provider of staff safety solutions.


We help you realize the full potential of aggregated alarm management bundled with employee protection and localization of employees when they need assistance. We mobilize our full innovative strength to help support take effective action as soon as a problem arises.

ZONITH improves alarm handling and employee protection for professionals by ensuring:

  • Fast and efficient reaction to critical events and panic alerting

  • Safe, reliable and convenient alarm management

  • Employee protection including Lone Worker safety

  • Professional support



When it comes to staff safety and alarm management, the basic needs are similar across businesses, and we are happily serving customers in both the private and public sectors. Our customers are often from:

  • Emergency Operations and Alarm Response Centre.
  • Municipalities and other public organizations.

  • Building and Facility Management

  • Psychiatry and healthcare.

  • Education sector, campus.

  • Hospitality, hotels

  • Finance, data and hosting center

  • Production and research companies.

We are proud to say that our portfolio holds prominent names like:

  • Maersk, Denmark


  • HSBC, England and Mexico

  • Eurostar, England

  • UN, Austria

Our customer base is continuously growing, and we would like nothing more than to welcome you to the group of our satisfied and protected clients.

+45 3332 4530


Sales Team

Kristian Hartvig Stiesmark
Kristian Hartvig StiesmarkFounder & CEO
Kristoffer Frøge
Kristoffer FrøgeKey Account Manager – Western Denmark

Management Team

Kristian Hartvig Stiesmark
Kristian Hartvig StiesmarkFounder & CEO
Klaus Bom Werge
Klaus Bom WergeFounder & CTO


Andreas Frøland
Andreas FrølandChairman of the Board


For support enquiries please contact ZONITH support team via support@zonith.com


“We are very satisfied with the ZONITH Solutions which has improved the quality of life at Jonstrupvang Bebyggelsen and created an extra daily job for some of the citizens who can now easily operate the system”

“By using ZONITH Centralized Alarm Server, we have been able to outfit many of the municipalities buildings with a very safe panic alerting solution for our staff. The new solution has a much lower cost and is easier to maintain than the standalone systems used before.”
“We have been using ZONITH’s staff safety solutions for years in other jobcentres. Now we have moved into our new large jobcentre. So it was natural to install the latest version of the system to ensure all staff can request security support without the clients noticing.”
Bjarne Hansen, Facility and Security Manager, Copenhagen Jobcentre
“It was key to our staff to get a new, reliable panic alerting system with large coverage and positioning capabilities. By selecting the system from ZONITH’s we have a solution that can do it all”
Carsten Andersen, Chief Technician, Saxenhoj Psychiatry


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