Mørkedal Telecom a/s

Mørkedal Telecom a/s

Mørkedal Telecom is a complete solutions provider of advanced alarm systems for Fire&Rescue and
delivers solutions for alarming, person tracking, surveillance and fleet management.

Mørkedal Telecom is the importer, distributor and sales/service channel for the well known SWISSPHONE terminals, which are robust, compact and user friendly.

Mørkedal Telecom a/s
Rebslagervej 13
4300 Holbæk

Kenneth Kern Mørkedal
Tel: +45 5943 4712

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We'll be happy to work with you and recommend a dealer located in your region.

Headquarters - Gammel Kongevej 39E
DK-1610 Copenhagen V, Denmark

Tel: +45 3332 4530
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